Dexter – Season 7, Episode 11 “Do You See What I See?” Review

Rating:    6.5

This will be less of a review and more like a series of questions and postulations.

“Do You See What I See?” is the most appropriate title for an episode of Dexter to date, more or less. As of right now every single character is in their own little realm with their own elephantine problems that may or may not lead to their death. No one really sees what the others are doing, and that’s a huge problem for our anti-hero.
Anyone is still a candidate for the final death that we’ve come to expect on Dexter. Honestly, my bet’s on Angel, because this show likes to kill off characters that are great, namely Rita. There’s no reason for Angel to die, which honestly makes him the perfect candidate. That being said, it is most likely going to be Quinn, and here’s why:

Quinn did not need a subplot of his own this season, and has in fact made it far worse by stealing airtime from superior characters (namely Angel and Masuka). He is a minor character who is no longer relevant given his break-up with Deb. So why is his story going to lead him to Vegas? I would assert that his journey should end with the murder of himself and Nadja by the Kashka brotherhood, thus eliminating unnecessary plot points for the eighth and final season.

However, I can only hope that season 7 will end with Hannah’s sweet, sweet death… although I admit I’d be intrigued to see Hannah the villain as opposed to Hannah the lover.

So here are my questions, some come from a place of humor, others a place of great sadness.

Why is Dexter being so dumb? Can anyone tell me? Hannah is too great a liability to Deb and Dex to simply send to jail. She has the potential to be a true foe for Dexter, so I can only assume the writers thought it would be more interesting despite the resultant character assassination of Dexter himself.

When did Matthews become so racist toward Cubans? Is this a character trait that I have otherwise not picked up on until recently?

Isn’t Deb’s strongest characteristic that she is a good cop? Why would she plant evidence for Dexter? And as a follow-up, would she really risk her own life just to put Hannah McKay in jail? Deb’s no NASCAR junky, so I doubt she’d have the skill to pretend-crash a car.

How come Dexter becomes winded from carrying a Christmas tree but appears to have no trouble at all with limp bodies of almost exclusively large men?

Why is Deb’s house so easy to get into? She’s the lieutenant of homicide… shouldn’t she have everything on lock-down?

Why is Angel Batista being written off of the series as a cop? Why, oh plot gods, why?!

And finally, when was it decided that Masuka would have only a single zinger per episode? I am not amused, but I want to be.

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