The Voice Top-5 iTunes Results

iTunes voting closed at 10:00 AM ET Tuesday Morning. As of 10:10 AM ET, here are the unofficial results:

2. The Swon Brothers, “Danny’s Song”
4. Danielle Bradberry, “Who I am”
6. Danielle Bradberry, “Please Remember Me”
8. The Swon Brothers, “Turn the Page”
9. Amber Carrington, “Sad”
12. Michelle Chamuel, “Time After Time”
24. Michelle Chamuel, “Clarity”
48. Sasha Allen, “I Will Always Love You”
66. Sasha Allen, “Bad Girls”
84. Amber Carrington, “Firework”


-Welcome to THE RISE OF THE SWONS! Who knew that it would be the Swon Brothers, of all acts, going toe-to-toe with eventual winner Danielle Bradberry in the semifinals?! I would have a lot more complaints, but the Swons were very good last night. In fact, you could argue that Blake kind of spiked their chances of finishing second or even first by giving them goofy songs like “Okie from Muskogee” instead of the kind of material they sang last night. America, especially the vast middle of the country, longs for clean-cut white guys who play instruments and sing harmonies (hello, Mumfrd and Sons!). Last night more than ever, that’s what the Swons were. Even I, the most bitter Swon hater of all throughout the season, couldn’t help but enjoy them.

-Danielle Bradberry is your season 4 champion of ‘The Voice’. You already knew this, but last night she landed the final knockout blow on Michelle.

-Speaking of Michelle, she’s actually in some trouble here. With the Swons guaranteed safe, that means two from the group of Amber, Michelle, and Sasha are going home. I do believe America agreed with my lukewarm assessment of Sasha Allen, judging by the tepid iTunes response to her “I Will Always Love You.” With her second song doing even worse, she seems likely to be headed home.

That means it comes down to Amber vs. Michelle for the last spot. Amber had by far the night’s worst performance with “Firework”, both in iTunes terms and just watching-the-show terms; but her “Sad” performed far better than I thought it would, cracking the top-10 and earning her the crucial 10x vote bonus. Michelle, if my unofficial iTunes results are correct, shockingly missed the top-10 with “Time After Time,” and her good-not-great “Clarity” finished down at 24. Will that be enough to overcome Amber’s voting bonus? I honestly don’t know, we don’t usually have situations like this on ‘The Voice’.


-Handicapping the Amber vs. Michelle iTunes results is too difficult, so I’m going back to my gut feeling based on the performances last night, which was that Amber’s going home. Sasha seems like a lock to join her, though she’s defied the iTunes results once before, I just don’t see her closing the gap on Michelle.  Although, you can’t entirely rule out a scenario where Sasha once again escapes the reaper, and Amber and Michelle go home.  This is a very tangled week, and tonight’s results will be fascinating.

But, like last night, I am predicting SASHA ALLEN and AMBER CARRINGTON go home tonight. Michelle Chamuel is VERY much at risk, though.

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  1. I’m not surprised by the results at all. While Danielle may have the old and young country fan vote, Sasha doesn’t have my mother’s generation watching (and by my mother’s generation, I mean older folks who love R&B hits). And people are still going ape “ish” on Facebook about the judges and host calling “I Will Always Love You” Whitney Houston’s song instead of Dolly Parton’s. Her version wasn’t that good but I think the country folks wouldn’t vote for Sasha out of spite for not plugging Dolly. But I’m still not sold on Sasha going home. One iTunes purchase is 10 votes, but you can vote 10 maximum times on Facebook and I could just hang out on the phone dialing as many times as I want. I sincerely believe that’s how Sasha has been getting the votes. What bothers me about that is if the same fans of hers get her to winning but then don’t buy her music, she’ll end up in the same boat. Maybe they’re not buying her music for the same reason I’m not (I’m never going to buy a cover version if I like the original version better). It’s the reason I currently only on Michelle Chamuel’s “Raise a Glass” (Pink) and Josiah Hawley’s “Clocks” (Coldplay). I will be purchasing Amber Carrington’s “Sad” (Maroon 5) and Swon Brothers “Danny’s Song” later on in the week (won’t do them a bit of good for votes so I went crazy on FB and the phone voting for them) but Sasha hasn’t sang one song yet that I just HAD to have.

    Hell, I’m going back to iTunes to buy Judith’s “Feeling Good” after finally comparing it to the Nina Symone version. I don’t know how technical the voters are about buying stuff on iTunes. Teenagers just may want someone they can relate to singing the song. I want the BEST person who sings the song.

    I rewatched the show three times last night. Amber Carrington’s “Sad” was absolutely beautiful but the Swon Brothers “Danny’s Song” was so good I just kept rewound it on TIVO to watch again. I replayed those two back and forth. What surprised me was as much as I liked seeing Danielle live, I was bored with her again by the time I got home. She was still good. But Michelle threw me completely. I was not into either performance. She did good but not good enough for the top three LAST NIGHT.

    I’m sticking with Michelle and Amber for trouble contestants though. If Sasha goes, I clearly won’t complain. She has not been a favorite of mine at all. Personally I think the top three (without going into a bitter rant about Judith) should be Amber, The Swon Brothers (yes, I said it. I’ve voted for them most of the season) and….to be honest with you, I’m pretty indifferent about the third person. It bothers me that I am though because I should still be Team Michelle. She just didn’t do it for me last night. She did what groups on shows like “Making the Band” did. She went home, got comfortable and stopped…dunno…it seems she got comfortable instead of fighting.

  2. I felt last night’s first performances from most of the contestants were pretty weak except for The Swons. I haven’t minded them at all this season but thought they were, as Kyle said, not helped by some of the material chosen for them. Last night proves they do have talent and, when focused, have great potential. They were at their peak when it mattered, and also consistent. Perhaps that was the plan all along…..

    Michelle had a disappointing night, but I would hope that this fact doesn’t mean she goes home when she has otherwise been really good. I had been thinking that she would be the dark horse here. There are many who see her as more authentic than the others, more real but then again, the most improved would have to be the brothers. No doubt many fans will giver her a pass on last night and vote for Michelle anyway, and perhaps because they like her coach.

    I’ve been a fan of Amber’s throughout ecause she has real range. I was surprised she chose ‘Firework’ though and that may have been a major blow to her chances, despite the excellent ‘Sad’. I’d far rather listen to her than to Danielle. There is no denying the girl’s talent, but she is too young to bring real emotion to her performances and always seems to me to be singing by rote. I’m not usually unkind, but I’ve mentioned before she comes across as flat and off pitch sometimes, and the last couple of weeks she makes me think of a young ‘Stepford Wife’. I am sure she is just happy to sing and is overwhelmed by everything, including Blake’s apparent obsession with her. Well I can’t say I blame him because finding a bona fide star who will validate ‘The Voice’ finally has to be a huge win.

    It struck me last night that Sasha could be the vote splitter after she sang ‘I Will Always Love You’. I’ve never been hugely fond of that song but she did put her own spin on it. I knew Dolly wrote it but wouldn’t have foreseen the angst over Dolly vs. Whitney! Sasha’s second song struck me as a rewind of the earlier vamped up performance she did a couple of weeks ago. She’s Broadway through and through. Like Judith, she has a great voice but both of them will never sell many records. Judith has a much greater talent but is, in the end, somewhat predictable. There’s a reason their careers haven’t broken out and whatever other obstacles have come their way, I just don’t see either of them as mainstream.

    I haven’t really rooted much for anyone. It’s been a stellar season in many ways. Hard to predict but yesterday my gut feeling was a finale with Danielle, Michelle and the Swons. Danielle will likely win but don’t be surprised if The Swons pull off a shocker.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more about Judith not selling many records. As far as I know she’s always played the background. I think she will go VERY far on a solo career. Sasha? Unsure. Judith? I’m ready to buy her CD right NOW! Hell, I was ready to buy her single when she sang on Jay Leno’s show last night. If she can crack urban radio, she’s in there!

      • Typo: Judith sang on Judith last week, not last night.

    • “I haven’t really rooted much for anyone” sums up my feelings EXACTLY with this season. I have to be honest, and I’m scared to even put this in a recap, but I haven’t actually voted this year. I spend more time writing about this show than any other, but I can’t say I’ve been a “fan” of any contestant this season… except Midas Whale who Adam foolishly cut early on. I have a very hard time believing that Midas Whale couldn’t be on the same run that the Swons are on right now, but I digress.

      Speaking of which, this entire season for me has been defined by hating the Swon Brothers, who I simply do not get. Or rather, I didn’t get them until last night, which I thought was their first *real* performance of the season. The chubby one (Stimpy) can REALLY sing, and both song choices were perfect for him. The less the thin one (Ren) sings, the better; but he’s tolerable if Stimpy’s singing the verses and he’s just chiming in for the chorus harmonies. To me, that set-up makes their entire act make sense, and actually rather appealing.

      • I kinda figured you haven’t voted this season because when I asked you about voting for country singers, you never chimed in and said who you DID vote for. The more you were quiet about it, the more I kept thinking, “Oh lord, he’s Lupe Fiasco’ing us.” Ah well.

      • I liked Midas Whale too.

        I also meant to say in my first comment that I agree that Adam has looked rather shell-shocked since Judith and Sarah left. I don’t think he’s been quite himself and the whole ‘I hate this country’ thing seems to have made him much more careful with his words than before. I also thought he secretly had a thing for Sarah.

        I credit The Swons for having a sense of humour and not taking themselves seriously – who else could have worn the Shakira-like leotard? I’m not sure even Blake would have pulled that off (so to speak!), or even would have risked his manliness to do so. On that basis alone, The Swons getting this far was worth it!

  3. Your comment I do stand to be corrected about Judith – at least, I\’m willing to see what happens with her. She definitely deserves to be on some sort of stage. I\’m just not sure which one. Simon Cowell always maintained it wasn\’t just about \’the voice\’. He would sometimes imply looks and image were a factor, but he more often than not said it was about selling records. I haven\’t watched the majority of \’Idol\’ seasons – in all, maybe 3 seasons and the last time was around 2008 I think. But whether you always agreed with Simon or not, what he said from a business perspective was usually correct. I presently don\’t see Judith selling in a stellar fashion which is why I said I couldn\’t see her selling many. I probably should have said that I do see her selling some, but not maybe in numbers that, from a business perspective, would label her a star.Still, it shouldn\’t just be about that, and there are various ways to maintain a career if you are versatile and, in that sense, she is more versatile than most of the others on \’The Voice\’ this year. Winners of these types of competitions don\’t always do as well as those who don\’t have to live under the label \’Winner of\’ the rest of their lives. Jennifer Hudson is the best example of not even charting in the scheme of things \’Idol\’-wise and we all know what happened next :)

    • Karen, you have a point. But I never voted for J-Hud on “Idol” and thought she was another oversinger like Sasha on “Dreamgirls.” But folks love the way she sings. She didn’t woo me until did she that pop song “Spotlight.” Between that and Whitney Houston literally going nuts and running to the front of the stage cheering J-Hud on for singing her song, that was when I saw Jennifer Hudson through new eyes. Well, that and I loved her Weight Watchers book. (I lost 30 lbs after reading that book so J-Hud is #1 with me these days. Ha, ha, ha.) But I feel about Sasha the way you feel about Judith. Who knows? I may be totally wrong and maybe she won’t sell, but I’m DEFINITELY going to support her until she disappears IF she disappears. As far as her looks and fashion and all that, she reminds me a lot of Kimora Lee Simmons. Kimora had the same image issues with being black and Asian and she turned into the creator of Baby Phat and a model and suddenly folks thought she was beautiful. I get that “swon” feel for Judith.

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