The Voice iTunes Results – 5/28

At the close of voting (10 AM ET), here are the iTunes results for last night’s performances on ‘The Voice’:

11. Danielle Bradbery
13. Michelle Chamuel
24. Amber Carrington
32. The Swon Brothers
44. Sarah Simmons
56. Holly Tucker
74. Judith Hill
76. Sasha Allen


-No one makes the top-10 this week, though Danielle and Michelle were right on the cusp. In a week with plenty of standout performances I thought someone else might throw their name in the hat to win this season, but nope. Season four of ‘The Voice’ is Danielle Bradbery vs. Michelle Chamuel, with Danielle as the favorite (but by a decreasing margin).

-Let’s talk eliminations. Sasha’s wobbly performance last night was a red flag, and the fact that she’s in last place on iTunes means she’s almost certainly going home tonight. That means tonight may very well be the official torch-passing from Xtina to Shakira, in terms of not placing a single contestant in the top-6. Shakira only has herself to blame, particularly the inexplicable decision to advance Garrett Gardener over her two Latin powerhouses, Cathia and Mary Miranda. What was she thinking? She’ll have plenty of time to consider that question when she’s sitting around doing nothing the last couple weeks.

-For the second elimination spot…sigh. Judith Hill is just too good for this competition, y’all. It wouldn’t be inconceivable for Holly, 18 spots ahead on iTunes, to go home instead of Judith, but it’s not likely. Despite being the consensus best performer this season, Judith’s never had much voting support, probably because nobody really thinks of her as a singing show contestant. Here’s hoping she goes on to bigger and better things.

-Holly Tucker’s road to the finals is clear: she has to sing a gospel song next week. If she does she all but guarantees herself a spot in the final four, but if not she doesn’t have the voting support (even when she’s excellent like last night).

-Likewise, the Swons need to stick with a slower, harmony-driven song next week to ensure their spot in the top-four.

-Maybe I was too hard on Adam’s song selection for Sarah Simmons, because she appears to be safe tonight. But Sarah’s got a hill to climb to get into the top-four for the final. She’s going to need to steal the Swons’ or Amber’s spot, meaning Sarah’s both going to need to perform a contemporary song that people want to download AND hope either of her competitors don’t play to their strengths.

-Amber’s in good position to make the finals, and the fact that she could finish third on iTunes with a non-country song is a positive sign. I’m not sure what else she can do, though, to get herself into the conversation with Danielle and Michelle to win this season.

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  1. I think the voting is not yet closed. Isn’t it EST? Danielle Bradbery is on #10 now.

  2. At this moment it’s 10:58 AM Eastern Time – my understanding is that the vote closes at 10 AM Eastern, which is when I checked the iTunes results.

    • Oh so it’s EDT. okay. :)

  3. I think I asked you this before, but I can’t remember. Do the iTunes results matter the most on the final scale? Of course people download but I’m one of those loyal people who votes on Facebook each week. In the first week of voting, they made such a big deal about how the FB results weren’t included but it didn’t change the votes so that made me think iTunes trumped FB. But then that’s not fair because people are hanging by the phone, too. So far The Swon Brothers haven’t topped so high on iTunes but continue to say. I say this entire rant because I choose to believe that you are wrong about Judith Hill and I will not spend my workday evening slumped on the floor in total defeat. I looked like someone stole my puppy when Josiah left. I will look like someone kidnapped my kid (I don’t have any kids, BTW) if Judith is eliminated. But my gawd, if she is, I hope it proves to her that she cannot sing anymore Bieber songs. I have been a loyal supporter since the beginning but even I didn’t give her my 10 votes on FB.

    As far as Danielle, I finally figured it out. I couldn’t put my finger on it before (and I’m not sure how old you are so don’t know if you’ll know this) but she reminds me of Vicki from “Small Wonder.” She sings songs she hasn’t experienced. She grins onstage without a hint of emotion unless someone shows her a selfie or a baby photo. And those bright eyes look like that of a newborn child who hasn’t been programmed yet. I wish somebody would take the battery pack out of her back and let her live!

    Sasha could’ve gone home weeks prior. I already went through my grumbles about why she would’ve been better with Usher. He’d have tuned down that Broadway-trying-too-hard thing she does in week one.

    My gawd, Holly is going to have to go back to the footie pajama songs, huh? *sigh* Oh well. We’ll always have this one memory.

    I can’t believe it but I’m amped about Sarah Simmons staying. Folks were dogwalking that girl on Facebook (like you) so I was really thinking, “Man, maybe this is ‘Clocks’ Round 2 and I just don’t understand rock music.” Trust me, your opinion was not alone.

    I couldn’t be more relieved Michelle is staying, but by now, that’s obvious. And I love those Swons. Last night they made me reminisce on my Girl Scout camping years and I drank dark chocolate cocoa (true story, two cups) since I didn’t have s’mores for a campfire.

    • Regarding iTunes, the only way that iTunes votes actually count more than regular votes is if an artist places in the top-10, which multiplies that artist’s iTunes votes by 10 for that week. There have been conflicting reports on whether Danielle actually snuck in to the top-10 this week; but it’s ultimately academic, because she’s not going home either way.

      HOWEVER, the reason we can use iTunes to reliably predict eliminations is that iTunes results are a representative sample of the voting as a whole. The key idea is, can you think of a scenario where an artist would perform well on iTunes but NOT perform well on Facebook/Website/Phone voting? There can be minor differences which create a margin of error – in the first elimination show this season, Kris actually finished just barely behind Garrett on iTunes, yet Garrett was eliminated – but you can look at iTunes sales as a general indicator of the voting at large. It’s not DICTATING the voting, it’s a predictor of the voting (and has been a very reliable one for two seasons now).

      In this case, Sasha is a full 20 spots behind Holly on iTunes, meaning that it would be highly unlikely for Sasha to have received more votes through other means of voting. Same for Judith – although it’s not inconceivable that Judith’s audience might be a little older than some of the other singers’, so MAYBE her fans aren’t quite as likely to buy her songs on iTunes and thus iTunes is undervaluing her popularity. But I don’t think it’s likely.

      • Good explanation. BTW, I see that I can now subscribe to see replies. (I remember saying that on a previous blog but I could’ve sworn that option wasn’t there at the time. Is this new?) I guess I’m coming from the music video generation that doesn’t necessarily want to buy the music. They’re covers. I’d rather buy the original song. The only time I buy a cover version of a song is if I like it better than the original (hence the reason the only song I’ve bought so far was Josiah’s “Clocks” because I wasn’t as much of a fan of Coldplay’s version). But in my “American Idol” obsessed days, I was wearing out the numbers on a phone calling constantly before there was an option to vote on FB.

        I just figure if I can vote 10 times on Facebook without spending $1.29 on a single I don’t want, it’s one and the same. Both are 10 points. But if you say one is a mirror image of the other the past couple of seasons then I guess it is. All I know is on Facebook they’ve been running Judith’s name through the dirt all season and she continues to move on. But I don’t recall her iTunes numbers each week.

        Only one way to find out.

  4. The ‘subscribe’ feature is new, actually; our Managing Editor saw your comment and added it!

    iTunes isn’t a perfect reflection of the voting public for reasons that you indicated; but since it was introduced in season 3, I’d say it’s been between 80 and 90% effective at predicting eliminations. So, can’t argue with results!

    • Well how ’bout that? Nice! Glad to be of help. It’s certainly easier than scrolling through each individual blog to look for replies. Looking forward to tonight’s show. I will refer to your blog to try to match the results up but my gawd, if Judith goes you will hear about it on Twitter!!!

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