The Voice – iTunes Results 5/14

Because iTunes results are counted as votes on ‘The Voice’, they serve as a harbinger of what’s to come on any each results show. Even if no singer earns the whopping 10x bonus for finishing in the top-10 (as was the case this week), the iTunes results are still very likely to reflective of the other forms of voting. That is, if a lot of fans purchased a contestant’s song on iTunes, then it’s safe to say that a lot of fans voted for that contestant via phone or online voting.

The iTunes voting closes at 10 AM ET the morning after the performances. I checked the iTunes results at 10:15 AM, so they might be VERY slightly different than what was actually counted, but you get the point:

(iTunes Rank – Contestant)
19. The Swon Brothers
22. Danielle Bradbery
25. Josiah Hawley
26. Sarah Simmons
41. Judith Hill
51. Amber Carrington
61. Michelle Chamuel
68. Sasha Allen
91. Holly Tucker
103. Garrett Gardener
116. Kris Thomas
UR. Vedo

It’s almost a mortal lock that Vedo will go home tonight – not even finishing in the top-150 on iTunes indicates very little support. Kris Thomas is a likely second choice – the gap between him and Garrett is large enough to where it would be an upset for anyone else but Kris to go home. Holly is almost assuredly safe, but she’s closer to the bottom-dwellers than the top-8.

Either way, we are likely losing two male contestants tonight, meaning that just 2 of the final 10 singers this season will be male. It’s the year of women on ‘The Voice’!

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  1. Isn’t this kinda like cheating? You started off with predictions for “The Voice” but then decided to change your order as you wrote each blog and now you’re referring to iTunes music stats. There’s no more predicting involved here. This is just reporting. I’m happy you moved Michelle up in your predictions but I’m still going to refer back to your ORIGINAL predictions in your first blog to see how right and wrong you’ve been so far. Using iTunes to make predictions is like someone using Wall Street tips. Be Kyle. Don’t be Martha Stewart!

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