5 Things: The Office Finale

‘The Office’ shut its doors once and for all Thursday night, closing out one of the greatest and most important sitcoms in the modern era of television. Was it always great? No. In fact, over the last few years it’s been rarely great. Like many, I lost touch with the series once Michael Scott left, and by all counts I didn’t miss much.

But the series’ recent struggles are not what will define ‘The Office’. Instead, we’ll remember the good times, particularly the near-flawless second and third seasons that culminated with Jim finally asking Pam on a date, a small moment to an outsider but a monumental triumph to fans of the show. One of the happiest moments in TV history. We’ll remember the crew rallying around Michael as he hosted The Dundies, and Jim and Michael talking on the deck of a cruise ship, and everything about “Casino Night”, and Pam’s speech at the campfire, and a dozen other little scenes that made us laugh or made us cry.

‘The Office’ was a transformative comedy. Even if the series is wrapping up a couple seasons too late, TV will still be a darker place without ‘The Office’ around.

Our full review of the final episode will be posted tomorrow, but for now, here are 5 quick things I enjoyed about ‘The Office” series finale.

5. ‘The Office’ retrospective

Sure it was self-referential, but that’s not a bad thing when the show is actually worth revering. ‘The Office’ deservedly occupied the entire two hour block of NBC Thursday night comedy, and the retrospective that aired prior to the finale covered all the show’s big moments over the years. A worthwhile watch for anyone who has loved the show.

4. The stripper from season two reprising her role, only to once again be entirely misunderstood.

3. MOSE!!

2. Ridiculously bearded, former real-life rock star Creed Bratton singing a song for everyone to close out the series. Right before getting arrested. Perfect.

1. “I can’t believe you came!”
“That’s what she said.”

As if there could be another choice.

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  1. *gasp* I had no idea Creed Bratton was a real musician. I saw him on “The Office” and thought someone was singing in the background. I went on YouTube and looked him up. Well how ’bout that? I’m going to listen to him sing. He was by far the most creepy but Meredith was a close second. She and her son stripping and dancing was the HIGHLIGHT for me. I couldn’t get enough of it.

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