Whose Line Is It Anyway, Season 9, Episode 8 (Keegan Michael-Key)

Rating: 8.4

So this episode looks to be some extra footage from the previous taping involving Keegan Michael-Key, and that’s totally fine. What this means for the structure of the show, apparently, is that he is featured in the episode title as the special guest, and there is no celebrity trotted out to take up almost half of the episode. This is also fine, and even though this episode had some nice laughs, it still wasn’t anything to go down in the Whose Line History books.

It would feel untrue to give it a significantly lower rating than last episodes because of this lack of progress, especially since it finally did what I would prefer (focusing on the four main comedians only). So many things went right: the episode started off with Questions With Wigs, which is always fun to watch (and to see Colin Mochrie characteristically excel); Keegan Michael-Key was, again, a fantastic ball of “Yes, and…” energy; Ryan was adding little zingers whenever he could, and Wayne was a total ham during What’s In The Bag!

Aisha even was very participatory in this episode. She seems to have a great rapport with the comedians, even though said chemistry was undercut by the audience laugh occurring in odd places (C’mon, editors…We don’t want to ever notice you’re there on THIS show). She is still growing on me, and I think by the end of this season I will be quite content. It just still is a little strange to see all of this happening without Drew.

I’m really itching to give a current Whose Line episode a 9, or even something higher, but something is missing…I would love to hear what others have to say. For me it’s mostly the types of games they are playing. I realize they are trying new things for the reboot feel, but the whole point of bringing back something classic is to be able to enjoy part of what made it so in the first place. Also, I want more of the comedians to channel what Colin seems to be trying to bring back: the renegade attitude that made the most outrageous moments in past seasons. Let’s raise the stakes, push the envelope, and bring out some crazy games.

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