Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 9, Episode 7 (Special Guest Lisa Leslie)

Rating:  8.6

Slowly, but surely, this show is getting back to what made it great. The best part of this episode in particular was the special guest, WNBA star Lisa Leslie. I am starting to worry, however, that the success of the episode hinges on this element far too much. Since at least two of the 4-6 games are played with a special guest, that’s a significant amount of the episode that could just fall flat or not reach any level of greatness. Luckily, the special guest has not ever fallen on their face, but rather at their worst been sort of a pointless addition. I’d rather just focus more on the original cast members and the guest comedian.

Speaking of, I have yet to see Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood or Chip Esten! Like always, I’m getting my gripes out of the way early on, and this is one of my biggest. I suppose we did get the treat of Jeff Davis, and I also suppose this is why I am really hoping for more classic guest comedians. The positive energy and nostalgia was just so palpable, that even though this episode was just fine, and Lisa Leslie was great fun, it just wasn’t the same.

There was a moment of genuine fangirl excitement in this episode, though, and that was with the playing of Newsflash! This game has not yet made an appearance in Season 9, and I was really happy to see it return. Any sign of the old seasons, and I’m automatically happy with the episode. Of course Colin was in front of the green screen trying to guess what was behind him, and this set of clips was the hardest to watch that I have ever seen on the show. Not quite sure how they’re going to top it–and I won’t spoil what it is. It’s just too bad/good!

Aisha Tyler is now officially okay in my book as the new host. I’m not sure if I’ve just gotten used to her voice, or that she is getting better, but I do see why they chose her. She is energetic, very witty, and supportive. I’m also particularly glad they didn’t play Helping Hands and/or Sideways Scene. I could do with more Scenes From A Hat, Let’s Make a Date, and maybe even a rarely played game or two. I laughed out loud to myself during this episode, though, and I’m looking forward to more of the same!

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