Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 9, Episode 3 (Candice Accola) Review

Rating: 8.5

This episode started off very strong, with not only one of my favorite games, Hollywood Director, but with one of my favorite comedians occupying the fourth spot on the stage: Keegan-Michael Key! One half of the Comedy Central hit duo “Key and Peele”, Keegan is always spot-on with his physical comedy and his funny sounds. I really hope he comes back for another episode. His energy was phenomenal!

Hollywood Director was a lot of fun to watch. Basically, Colin Mochrie always plays a tough Hollywood director who comes in after the other three performers have acted out a scene and gives them silly notes (“Do it like bitchy fashionistas!”) in order to “improve” the performance. The other improvisers replay their original scene with the suggested modification, and hijinks ensue. Colin made one of this classic “this is crap” jokes, and Keegan and the gang were off. It’s really fun to watch Aisha react to these guys, even if she is playing it up a little bit. Her demeanor is right for the show so far: quippy, energetic, and positive.

The celebrity guest was Candice Accola of The Vampire Diaries. Though I think it’s a little silly for Whose Line to be used as a promotional platform for other CW shows, I have to say it’s not quite a bad idea. CW fans get to see their favorite faces do very well at improv, at least in the case of Candice. She had a great “Yes, and…” approach to both games she was in, dancing along with Wayne while he sang to her (rather suggestively) and being a good sport while Colin focused intently on her during Living Scenery.

In improv, “Yes, and…” is a common phrase taught to all aspiring performers; it signifies the attitude one should have during a scene. If someone suggests to you, “You’re hair is on fire!” you don’t say “Well, no, it’s not. You’re just crazy. Here, take some of these pills.” What you should say is “Oh, no! My hair! MY HAAAAIR!” and hopefully your scene partner will help you put it out. This scenario isn’t ideal for an improv scene as it stands, as there’s not much you can do past freaking out and possibly dying. If you manage to extinguish the head flames and perhaps then go on a sleuthing spree to figure out whodunnit, then you might have yourself a scene.

Candice was a natural at the “Yes, and…”, and she helped keep the first three quarters of the show on a steady roll. There was also a game of Dating Profile which basically functioned like World’s Worst, where the performers have to come up with acted out examples of terrible dating profiles in a rapid fire alternating pace. I highly recommend watching this episode just to see the jewel of weirdness Colin comes up with as well as some great one-liners from Ryan. Whose Line nerds might also notice a reference to the demon-possessed girl scout in this game. (I don’t know if the reference was intentional, but I definitely did a fangirl squeal.)

All in all, the episode was a lot of fun, dropping off a bit with the last game, Living Scenery. It’s not my favorite game, and the ultimate performance of it already happened in the infamous Richard Simmons taping. Most people I know have seen this episode, and it’s their favorite. In this case, however, Colin and Ryan just didn’t seem to enthused about the scene suggestion, and though Keegan was putting in his all as one of the props Candice seemed a little out of her element. There were still some funny bits sprinkled in, and they made it through like the troopers they are.

Still can’t wait for more Whose Line, and I think they’re starting to pick up steam!

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