Whose Line Is It Anyway? Season 9, Episode 10 (Maggie Q) Review

Rating: 6.0

I have given Whose Line a good 10 episodes of a chance, but I have no choice at this point but to take away some points (and on We Love TV More, the points DO matter). This episode’s guest was sub-par compared to guest of episodes past, and much to my dismay they played Helping Hands yet again! When I returned from my final commercial break and I saw that table of food and props, I was thoroughly disappointed.

This is my open letter to the producers of Whose Line: Please, please, please stop making Ryan and Colin play Helping Hands, and stop making me watch it. There is little to nothing funny about this game, and I was tired of it after the show’s initial US airing. It’s the same joke every time: Ryan getting food shoved in his face. It’s just not worth the wasted time, and it’s one of the biggest drawbacks of this new season.

Also, this episode’s guest Maggie Q was basically useless. Either she did not understand the basic point of Dubbing, wherein she was supposed to act like she was speaking, or she did not want to look silly. She should not have even been in the episode if the latter is the case. She was just another face reacting to Ryan’s face being force-fed during Helping Hands, and I gained nothing from her appearance on the show.

The episode had some funny moments, and the cast had fine energy, but it was not enough to keep me engaged. I really hope that the games start switching up. It’s distracting me from being able to enjoy everything else about the show. How is the cast supposed to showcase their talent if they are asked to do the same thing over and over?

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