Whose Line Is It Anyway? Episode 6 (Wilson Bethel)

Rating: 8.5

The episodes keep improving, even if certain elements are not to my personal liking. As per usual, let’s get the issues out of the way:

I’m tired of Helping Hands. I was never a fan of this game, and maybe this is just me. I see the silly appeal, but they’ve played it in almost every episode so far. Why not end an episode with a classic playing of Hoedown? (Perhaps Ryan, now an Executive Producer, was able to nix the game in his contract?) I still want it gone, even though this episode’s playing of Helping Hands was particularly great because celebrity guest Wilson Bethel was really having fun.

Speaking of whom, I don’t need so much of the celebrity guests, and I miss the audience participation the show used to include. I also wouldn’t especially require audience participation in each episode; I’m fine with a whole episode of just improv games from the four main performers.

The hastags that have re-appeared at the bottom of the screen don’t add to the show in any way, and they are just distracting. We already know what’s funny in the scene, and we just need to sit and enjoy it, not tweet about it.

Besides these irritations three, I am very pleased with how the actors gave each skit their all. I was able to see guest comedian Gary Anthony Williams utilize his awesome voice in both Weird Newscasters and Duet. Wayne was clearly making up his Opera gag on the spot in the former game, but it ended up being a really funny twist on a frequently mocked public figure. Colin was not too much in the spotlight in this episode, but he did give Ryan a flavorful playing of helping hands.

Celebrity Guest Wilson Bethel seemed to be a joy to “play” with (this is what improvisors commonly call acting along side someone in a scene). He was by far the most interactive during Helping Hands, and he even did a rendition of “I Can’t Live Without Your Rubber Duckie” in Three Headed Broadway Star. He was a giggly mess the entire time and even messed up, but it made things that much more enjoyable to watch. He did not take of his shirt, as Aisha hoped, but he made up for it in energy.

Aisha is growing on me, but I still think she could tone down her voice. It just sounds to me like she is yelling, and I think it’s because she’s speaking in the same few tones, especially when she’s announcing things at the beginning of the show. I really like her interactions with the cast members, but I think that her delivery of the opening “credits” could use a little more tonal variety. Even though I am not super into the idea of constant celebrity guests, in this episode Wilson Bethel really kept the show going strong.

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