Whose Line Is It Anyway Episode 4 (Kyle Richards) and 5 (Synchronized Swimmers)

Rating: 8.4

After synthesizing the experience of both episodes that aired last night, I have to say that while the first was pleasant and the second gave me perma-smile, I had to dock Whose Line a .1 for one simple reason: Though I understand that they need to play games that they know the audience will like, since they have nearly ten years of past shows to reference, they should know that audiences love more than just Helping Hands, Hollywood Director, Props, and Living Scenery. I’m surprised they haven’t played Scenes From a Hat way more, since that is clearly the fan favorite! To put it simply: more variety!

Episode 4 featuring guest comedian Jonathan Mangum was just fine, and Sideways Scene was Mangum’s strongest game. He initiated a lot of really funny action, and was all over the place. Colin has been tending to stand to the side while the younger comedians jump around, but in Episode 5 he acknowledged it within a scene much to my delight. Coming back to Episode 4, Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a really fun guest.She didn’t do much during Helping Hands, but she was giving it her reality-TV-all during Dubbing. All in all, a good taping that just could have used different games.

Episode 5 was when things started to get good, and I’ll give you the only reason you should need: Jeff Davis! He was in plenty of episodes during the show’s last US run, and I know him for his quick wit and his aptitude for games involving songs. He’s also quite cute, and always dresses to impress. This was particularly noticeable during Hollywood Director wherein they had “do it sexy”, and the scene was replayed with Jeff striking model poses and, frankly, pulling it off. He also did a great Duet with Wayne with two synchronized swimmers from the USA Olympic team. His rhymes were solid, and Wayne’s physical comedy cracked me up.

The editing on Whose Line? is something I’ve usually not noticed, but in Episode 5 there was something that either the editors wanted to highlight, or something that they could do nothing to hide: Colin, Wayne, and Ryan’s excitement at having Jeff back on stage with them. During Aisha’s introduction Jeff seemed to be reacting to her voice and her catchphrases in a sort of confused way while Ryan and Colin even seemed to be coming back with facial expressions that said: “Yep, she’s a little much, but hey, she’s great.” After the first game they played everyone shook hands and re-connected, something that hasn’t happened yet with other guest comedians. This energy made the episode better, and I hope they can catch it more often than not.

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  1. Both episodeswere great. I\’d love to see less commercials, and more Jonathon Mangum. I love him on Let\’s Make a Deal.

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