Under the Dome Season 1, Episode 9 “The Fourth Hand” Review

Rating: 4.0

This week’s episode, “The Fourth Hand”, was just a complete mess. When I watch a show, I’m looking for a simple plot and relatable, layered characters. This show just completely skipped over both of those elements to make room for about 25 subplots. I think about 15 of those could be found in this particular episode. Let’s just jump right in, shall we?

I always joke that this show is on drugs. This was literally the case in Chester’s Mill. It turns out that Big Jim, because he’s not enough of a shady jerk already, is involved in a drug ring with the late Sheriff Duke, the Reverend (called it!) and this new woman, Max. He’s been secretly collecting propane to cook up the concoctions prior to the Dome landing on the town. This all comes to light when Larry, the town’s resident druggie, is found in Ted Utley’s home.

In typical Big Jim fashion, things just keep getting progressively more complicated. He starts a public firearm turn-in campaign via radio to keep the town “safe.” I REALLY didn’t want the show to start pulling out constitutional rights and trying to make Chester’s Mill its own “country”, but it totally went there. I just wanted Big Jim to scream, “’MURICA” and get it over with.

Big Jim’s character development (or lack thereof) is becoming the bane of my existence. He’s good, he’s evil, he’s morally grey, he’s back to being a scowling jackass. Can we just pick one? He had the drug ring? Fantastic! He’s judging Max for her choices? Oh my god, here we go. He’s talking Ted Utley out his overly dramatic suicide attempt through compassion and understanding? WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING?! Ok good, he’s back to being a jerk by the end.

The whole introduction to Max was just ridiculous. Under the Dome does NOT need another character. That’s actually the last thing it needs. I feel like the writers are like little kids who keep grabbing more and more toys to play with, and it’s just getting so messy and unnecessary. Like, it wasn’t enough that she was involved in the drugs, but she’s also blackmailing Barbie? Just stop.

Speaking of things I’m so done with, Junior and Angie. I don’t even care anymore. I wanted to cheer Angie on when she starts taking over the diner and stands up to Junior, but then she passes out in stereotypical damsel in distress fashion. The part where Junior takes Angie to see his mother’s collection of third grade level paintings had me groaning and rolling my eyes.

That whole plot wasn’t even consistent with the original kidnapping. Junior kidnapped Angie because he thinks she’s sick from the Dome, but he knew his mother could “see the future?” Had he seen her studio before and is just now putting the entire equation together? The entire thing was so poorly explained that it wasn’t even worth adding in the first place.

I wish I could be done talking about the storylines in the episode, but sadly I’m not. Joe, Norrie, and Julia go in search of the missing mini-Dome/Easter Egg of Evil. It turns out that a possessed Joe stole it and moved it to a random shed. Angie, Joe, and Norrie discover that their hands, when placed on the mini-Dome, act like keys to unlock it. With the help of an unknown fourth hand, the secrets of this mysterious egg can be explored.

I just can’t even with this show anymore. Everything is just terrible. I want to root for just one character, but it’s impossible. I would love to feel the faintest hint of a connection to even one storyline, but I can’t. Under the Dome went from mediocre, to laughable, to just borderline unbearable. My advice? ESCAPE WHILE YOU CAN.

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  1. I read the book, all 1072 pages of it, thinking it would help me understand what was going on. All it did was confuse me more!

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