Under the Dome Season 1, Episode 10 “Let the Games Begin” Review

Rating: 4.0

Everything about this week’s Under the Dome was awful. When it comes to this particular show, it’s best to be blunt. I think this episode, “Let the Games Begin”, was actually a test of how many continuity errors the writers could cram into forty-two minutes. The answer is a LOT.

Guys, it’s been nine days. NINE. DAYS. I wish I was making this up but that’s the actual timeframe the show wants us to follow. The citizens of Chester’s Mill were just rioting for vital supplies only days ago, and now they’re trading them to participate in Max’s underground cement factory Fight Club. I can’t. Max is the sultry and mysterious HBIC character gone HORRIBLY wrong. Why is she even relevant to the plot? Maybe because there barely is one…?

Barbie getting coerced by Max into fighting was just so blatantly stupid. Personally, I think it was the show’s attempt to draw in more female viewers. Look, hot guy fighting! Hot guy getting all dirtied up and throwing a few (incredibly wimpy) punches! Look how cutting edge and raw the series is getting!

Speaking of Barbie, we get to see Julia remembering that she was investigating her husband’s disappearance. She kind of just stopped in order to have her boring-as-oatmeal fling with Barbie, and this episode it was like, “Oh yeah! Peter! What’s up with that?” She and Linda team up to look into his involvement with the whole secret drug ring. Through some light digging, she learns that Peter requested that Barbie kill him to meet the requirements of his life insurance policy. Cue lukewarm apology/breakup scene between Julia and Barbie. Tens of tears were shed over the separation.

We also learn that Duke wasn’t involved in bringing drugs INTO Chester’s Mill, but in getting them OUT because he lost his son to drugs. This is revealed through a letter that Linda discovers with his belongings, which served as a convenient plot summary device. Well done, writers.

The weekly dose of comic relief came from Big Jim. He pays a visit to Agatha, and it’s revealed that she is Max’s mother. Because she got pregnant at 16, she is the town pariah and describes Chester’s Mill as “having sharp teeth.” Big Jim responds by saying, “There are teeth behind a smile.” What even is that dialogue? Was that meant to be comforting and meaningful? Right when you think he could be changing, Agatha falls off his boat and he lets her drown. Classic Big Jim Rennie!

Sandwiched in all of this chaos is the mini-dome. Junior is revealed as the fourth hand needed to unlock it. I guess this makes it ok with Angie and Company that he kidnapped her and tried to convince her she was crazy. Phew! At the end of the episode, when all four teens put their hands on it, the mini-dome turns into the notorious pink stars. So, now we’re under the…planetarium?

I remember a time when I thought this series would focus on the psychological and sociological implications of a town getting trapped under a large dome, isolating it from the rest of the world. BOY was I wrong. Instead we have not one, but TWO domes, useless power wars, way too many plotlines, pointless characters, and an underground Fight Club. Ladies and gentlemen, Under the Dome; where the truth is made up and the plot doesn’t matter!

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  1. Reading the review was waaaaay more entertaining than watching the episode. I thought I was going to make it to the end of the season, but even with only three episodes left, I’m not sure I have it in me.

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