True Blood – Season 6, Episode 8 “Dead Meat” Review

Rating: 8.3

Tonight True Blood reminded me of my hatred for the high heel. Seriously, if you’re name isn’t Dana Scully or Kate Beckett you have no business trying to wear those damned shoes, let alone try to run in them in the heat of a life-or-death situation. Then again, Sarah Newlin’s first on-screen human kill was filled with comedic glory because of the heels so… It’s a wash?

Moving on. I don’t have much to say about “Dead Meat”. As far as I’m concerned, this was a completely acceptable episode of True Blood. The structure of the episode itself played well without much odd cutting or jumping, most every character received their rightful screen time, and most of the events that took place fit in to the story seamlessly. Except for that whole Alcide debacle (arguably Sooks belongs in this category as well); seriously, can we please decide if Alcide’s a good guy or a bad guy? Because right now I’m confused beyond comprehension. I think everything that this character did this season was an excuse to get Joe Manganiello shirtless. As a mostly straight female I can appreciate this decision. As a critic I am appalled, but not the least bit surprised. After all, True Blood decided that naked bits are more important than storyline in season 5; why not keep the trend going?

Most of us fans have given up on any of the characters remaining consistent. They simply don’t live in a mental space that makes any sense… but tonight I felt like they started to.

Lafayette – You’re fabulous. Never change, boo. Never change.

Steve Newlin – Breaking my heart, buddy. You suck in every way, but, damn. Michael McMillian (Steve Newlin) is breaking my heart with all of Steve’s sad faces.

Sam – Sam knocked his lady friend up, which probably means that she’s sticking around (unless True Blood wants to move on to a whole other slew of divisive political topics). It appears to be the case that he’s going to do the right thing and support her. This is the Sam that I’ve come to know and love. I can get behind these actions.

Eric – Much like Alcide, Eric’s pack comes before everything else. He also hates Bill. The fact that Bro-Time with Bill and Eric only lasted less than a minute in last week’s episode is hope for the series yet. I want to see Eric walk in the sun… (And I want to walk with him in it…) Anyway, it’s totally in Eric’s nature to skirt the rules and create his own path. I dig what he’s doing.

Pam – Our survivalist, Pam does what need’s to be done to save herself. Done and done.

Jason – Not gonna lie, I was surprised that Jason even remembered that he had been sexually assaulted. He’s been acting like nothing happened for a long time now. While I’m still traumatized by what he went through, I’m glad that he has the courage to let an aggressor know that he does not want to be aggressed upon in that way any more.

James – I’ve only known him for three episodes but he has consistently been a good guy. Keep it up, True Blood. I could start to love this fellow.

Sarah Newlin – I don’t know if Sarah belongs in the consistent camp… but she’s consistently become more terrifying since the day we met her. She has evolved in very natural ways given her predilection for religious zealotry, so I can weirdly associate her with the likes of a cult leader. She thinks she’s doing a god’s work, even when that means killing another human being in cold blood.

Arlene – I’m thrilled with Arlene’s character progression this season. I hate hate hate hate hate all of the Terry nonsense, but Carrie Preston has done a phenomenal job as the grieving Arlene. The heart of True Blood currently rests on the shoulders of Arlene, Holly, and Andy, because as of right now there is not a single other plot line to identify with. Thus far the Bellefleur’s have been a super troop. I look forward to the funeral, as morbid as that sounds.

Andy/Adeline – I really don’t want to see a character who is supposed to be 16 naked. I get that the actress is over 18, but I literally could not look at the screen when Eric attacked Adeline. Nope, I’m not doing it. I am NOT watching that…. Anyway, Andy is a good new father. The only thing he sucks at is reminding his daughter that she needs to stay with grown-ups until she figures out what the world is really like. This was just another terrible situation for this poor girl’s terrible life. I’m ready for her to fade into the background. No more victimizing the kid, okay?

Sookie – I can’t even express how stupid Sookie is to all of you. I genuinely can’t deal with her character right now. What I can say is that her monologue at the gravesite was magnificent. This was the first bit of acting that Anna Paquin has done all season, and boy was it worth it. Now if only she could deliver the rest of her lines with that much skill.

Bill – Blah, blah, blah. He’s still the worst. Nothing’s changed.

So, generally speaking I’m tickled by the episode and feel that it overall went well. I’m left with a couple of questions and comments, however:

  • Isn’t Jason’s blood poisoned with Hep-V? When he entered as a guard I’m pretty sure they injected him with stuff. It’s probably good that only Violet has had his blood.
  • Why doesn’t Bill just turn Sookie into a vampire and then use her blood to heal/help his friends? Wouldn’t that be significantly easier (and significantly more beneficial, given his new control over her) than going to find Warlow?
  • I like that Warlow isn’t strong enough to lift that damn gravestone. I mean, it’s not like he has vampire super strength or his own fairy light or anything. No, Sookie’s definitely more powerful than him. Is my sarcasm leaking through, or do I need to try harder?
  • Isn’t Ricky supposed to be Alcide’s girlfriend? When did she become so… awful?
  • I love that Sam and Nicole have only known one another for less than two weeks and they love one another.
  • Oh, and as a reminder: Sam is a SILVER FOX. All of the laughs.



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  1. You know how I feel about the main plot point for this season, so I’ll spare everyone my rant on that (for now!).

    Sookie’s gravesite monologue would’ve been way better without the profanity thrown in for the sake of profanity. I love a good f-bomb more than most people; all you have to do is read my twitter feed to realize that, but at the same time, there’s a time and a place. I feel like, as a whole, the writers of this show get lazy and just throw curses in for the sake of filling in words. It’s disappointing. There have been several otherwise good moments in this series that have been ruined by said laziness, and this was 100% one of those moments for me.

    I really don’t understand the point of Warlow other than to 1) be another attractive male to make nude as often as possible and 2) be someone else to “own” Sookie after helping her. Can we really not come up with anything else???

    Sarah Newlin is psychotic, and I am mad that she killed the only character that I have liked all season within less than 10 minutes of said character showing up on screen. Stupid heels. Stupid, STUPID heels. But hey! At least we got a pretty epic cat fight and then some face smashing, blood spattering gore out of it! WOO!!!

    • I completely agree about the gravesite profanity. It’s weird hearing Sooks swear!

      And yes, True Blood has a really hard time with independent women who aren’t owned by another being. Pam is “free” of Eric now, but has become a play thing for that psychiatrist.

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