True Blood – Season 6, Episode 6 “Don’t You Feel Me?” Review

Rating: 4.5

There are many things that can be said about “Don’t You Feel Me?”, but that it was well-done in almost every regard is not one.

Before I roll out my list of complaints, I’ll admit that the first 40 or so minutes of this episode had elements of excellence. Pam and Eric fighting to the death was a particularly spectacular way to start the episode, even if it turned out to be a red herring for the not-so-subtlely hinted-at character death. At least it had elements of the ridiculous actions sequences I have come to love on True Blood.  All of Jason’s lines, particularly “beheadenism” were another high point of “Don’t You Feel Me?”. Despite my fear of bad things happening to Jessica, the scene between she and sexy new vampire James was also incredibly horrific and oddly touching. Most importantly, however, I believe that the hands-down best scene in the entire episode was the moment in which one of the last good people of Bon Temps took his bow.

I’m not going to pretend that Terry’s death made me happy. It did not. He’s one of my favorite characters on True Blood and I wish that the airtime he got last season was not devoted to something so horrendous. But Terry Bellefleur’s final day was written with as much respect as could have been given to the traumatized war veteran. Should PTSD be curable? Should we ignore all of the character development that has gone into one of the most well written characters on the show? I’m not here to say that there weren’t mistakes made when True Blood casually glamoured Terry’s character development away. I am here to argue that I could not have asked for a better death to be awarded to this damaged soldier.

Whether or not anyone liked it, Terry died happily. Most of the characters on True Blood die horrible, disgusting deaths (having their heads ripped off, their brains blown out, being set on fire, being stabbed while tied to a chair, or being completely dismembered to name a few). Terry finally found peace in his own head, the place that had been his worst enemy for nearly a decade. He loved his wife, his children, and his job. That’s what matters, that’s what makes his death memorable and perfect. I may have hated that it happened, but I’m glad that he died a blank slate.

That feels terribly morbid.

Given that Terry’s last day being a guilt-free and happy one and then he was shot in the throat only to die helplessly in Arlene’s arms was the high point of the episode, it’s probably pretty clear how I felt about the rest.

Ho-lee crap. Holy crap. Holy shit. I am so displeased I can’t even express myself correctly.

First of all: everything that happened between Warlow and Sookie is disgusting and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a reality check. Here is why:

  1. Warlow cannot control himself around Sookie, like everyone else, thus making her out to be an even bigger victim in the supernatural community. I would think they could just USE THEIR WORDS to agree that he should take a little bit of her blood to feed. She’s done this for Bill without having sex with him. Why couldn’t she do that this time?
  2. Sookie has clearly lost all self-respect because she’s calling herself a “Danger Whore” and then sleeping with someone because—as far as I can tell—she might as well get it over with instead of, you know, actually feeling it. Anna Paquin phoned this dialogue and action in, because she looked as dead inside as I’ve ever seen another human being look. This complete apathy for self-preservation is not how I want a woman to look when she’s getting undressed to be with someone new. Then again, maybe her apathy was some acting brilliance, and if so, the scene was not portrayed to accompany this acting choice. This performance choice means she’s giving up, but the music would make the audience think this is something romantic. This was portrayed as sexy, but her performance just made me sad for Sookie.
    • Sookie’s character motivations go wherever the individual writers take them, not from any sense of the protagonist being a real person herself.
    • Warlow pretty much blackmails Sooks into sleeping with him ANYWAY. Trust me: if a guy tells you that hundreds of lives will be saved only if you will live with him for an eternity, that is blackmail, sweetie.
    • This is scene is almost the mirror image of one that takes place in a miniseries called The 10th Kingdom between a female human and a werewolf. No joke.

I just feel like everything in that last 5 minutes made my life worse as a human being for having seen it. I wish I could erase it from my memory, and I wish that it had never been written.

Second of all: everything else.

  1. Sam and Nicole mean absolutely nothing to me. If they stopped showing their faces in Bon Temps the world will be a better place.
  2. Alcide officially holds the title of The Worst Character on True Blood.
  3. I guess Luna’s memory is laid to rest with the loss of Emma and Martha. I liked Luna, so this makes me more than a little sad.
  4. Willa Burrell suddenly went from a shy but well-intentioned, angry kid to a really obnoxious rebellious teenager. Sure, we didn’t get much dialogue with her pre-vampirism, but… the hell?
  5. How come Willa isn’t disgusted by what she’s doing? Even baby vamp Jessica can’t stand to see someone die, let alone walk around holding their disembodied hand.
  6. The vampires have been stuck in the concentration camp for at least 4 episodes but were able to very casually break out. Good, convenient writing everyone.
  7. Seriously, how is it that they didn’t get caught? Why didn’t they do this earlier?
  8. Sookie’s light has become far too arbitrary for my taste. Sure, she didn’t know how to use the light and is just being taught how… but her light seems to be able to do something new every single week, and she can do it without much more than a faerie telling her “use your light this way”. Didn’t Luke need to be taught how to use the force?
  9. Bill didn’t die.

BUT, there were a couple more highlights:

  • Andy named his surviving daughter Adyland-Braelyn-Charlaine-Danica. Nice nod to the author of the original book series, Charlaine Harris. This scene was generally very good.
  • Bill actually used his powers for good. It only took him half a season to do anything remotely constructive with his telekinesis and badassery. Good work, team.
  • Truman Burrell’s last terrifying words were: “Cut off the head and another will grow back in its place.”
  • I figured out that Lillith’s three followers are an homage to the Brides of Dracula. The Brides of Lillith are upon us, and they are very naked.
  • Jessica had the heartbreaking realization that she is not a person. Deborah Ann Woll is killing it this season.
  • Anna Camp is also killing it this season with the surprising return of Sarah Newlin: Arch Nemesis.
  • Jason has had a sudden change of heart that doesn’t make a lick of sense, but at least it’s because he cares for Jessica… and his love for her may be the most consistent part of the entire episode in relation to the True Blood universe.

I don’t know if I have ever been more disappointed with an episode of True Blood in my life. Specifically, I am downright pissed off at all of the dialogue that took place between Warlow and Sookie. For the sake of all self respecting women out there, I hope that this series does not take the show with a badass (albeit a little bit dimwitted) female protagonist that mostly takes care of herself (or learns to take care of herself when she becomes too vulnerable/is betrayed) and becomes the victim-praising Twilight bullshit that I hate in the mainstream vampire media. Sookie has been tricked and she has been hurt, but she has always known when to rescind someone’s invitation and fight back against those who would do her wrong. Maybe I’m jaded. I’m wrong for genuinely thinking that this show was not like the rest.

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  1. As an mathematician in training, I feel that your rating is too high. If you wanted to keep it above zero, yet still adequately express how awful it was, you could’ve gone with epsilon. Positive, but negligible.

    That “extinction of your race” line made the whole damned thing about a negative infinity on the quality scale for me. Every time I think the whole “camp” thing can’t offend me anymore, they find a way to prove me wrong. Ugh.

    • You’re in like-minded company. I genuinely can’t believe they went there…

  2. We should write them angry letters, filled with anger.

    • Any angry letters I write will be in novel form…

      Title: “Why Supernatural Romances Should Be More Empowering Towards Women”
      Subtitle: “And Why Shamelessly Using the Holocaust for Commercial Entertainment is In Poor Taste”

  3. That sounds like the greatest novel EVER.

  4. The most aggravating thing about Terry’s death is that is just came out of nowhere. He fought tooth and nail to preserve his life last season, then we come back this season and he’s suicidal? Why not let that guy kill him in the first place? Clearly, the writers couldn’t think of anything to do with him, so they just decided to kill him off. But, I can come up with 5-10 good storylines off the top of my head and none of them culminate with the death of Terry Bellefleur (or the fuckery that took place last season, for that matter). Bad show, that’s a bad, bad show! No!

    You made some good points about the Warlow/Sookie thing. I didn’t even think of it that way, I am just sick of every new guy that comes to town falling into Sookie’s sparkling (literally, last night) vagina. Or, falling madly, deeply in love with her. Cause, honestly…she’s just not that great. I’m gonna need these guys to show, not tell me why they are all of a sudden in love with her.

    Then, there’s the camp. The horrible, horrible concentration camp with the medical experiments, and the sexual experiments and just stop, stop it NOW! Every time you think it’s the worst possible thing ever, they bring out new levels of depravity. I need this storyline to be over more than I ever bellowed for the end to the Marnie and Vampire Authority storylines. But apparently, you can just click your heels three times and get out, so whatevs.

    I could go on and on, but this rant is getting lengthy, so I’ll just stop now. hee

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