True Blood- Season 6, Episode 4 “At Last” Review

Rating: 7.9

True Blood took a step up from last week’s snoozer of an episode. It feels like things have gotten back to the level of vampire bat crazy, which is right where I like this show to be. I’m am covering for Blaire Knight-Graves this week and sooooo much happened in this episode so I’ll attempt to break it down.

-Nora reveals to Grandpa Niall that Lillith can only be killed by her progeny and Warlow is of her progeny. Then Grandpa gives Nora the old light blast and she lands right in front of the LAVTF and they take her away to vampire camp. I could really go either way with Nora so I guess I’m okay with this.

-Poor Andy loses his fae kids, who are now fae teenagers. Of course Bill has them over at his place because Jessica lured them over to have a ‘good time’. Jessica what are you doing? You used to ask questions before you just did things! You should be like, “Hey Billith, isn’t it wrong to invite teenagers over to your house so you can steal their blood?” Don’t participate! Be the vampire voice of reason! I was sure that Bill would be more vicious with the fae teens but he only used a fashionable, leather bracelet to collect samples of their blood, which, by the way, turns to human blood when not in the body of a fae (Bill’s kidnapped True Blood scientist made this discovery). Jessica was the one who couldn’t control herself around the scent of the Faerie Bellefleurs. NO JESSICA! HOYT WAS YOUR ROCK! LOOK AT WHAT YOU ARE WITHOUT HIM! Even Bill looks horrified at the mess Jessica has made.

-Luna died a few days ago and Sam is making out with Nicole. Am I supposed to believe that Emma is better off with Sam, who is making a lot of impulsive decisions? Maybe Emma should be with her grandma and the angry Alcide wolfpack, although as long as she sticks with Lafayette I’m sure she’ll be okay.

-Eric finds where Tara took the Governor’s daughter. Willa really does disagree with her father’s conservative views on Vamps and truly wants to help Eric. Eric becomes a maker for a second time and turns Willa, who is very into it. Eric sends her to confront her father as a vampire so she can let him know that vampires are lovable too.

-It turns out Governor Burrell may be controlled by Sarah Newlin, as it seems that there is a little sumpin, sumpin’ between them. I am so happy that Sarah Newlin is back. I have missed some of the religious craziness that was ‘True Blood’ Season two and I hope that she, and not Burrell, is the big bad this season, well, at least the human big bad. When Willa arrives at her father’s Ms. Newlin shoots her and sends her off to the vamp camp.

-Speaking of Vamp Camp, Pam gets caught by the LAVTF. Why take Pam? Take Tara instead!

-Okay, let’s get to the really big fish. Ben. I don’t know why Sookie wasn’t suspicious of him from the moment she saw him rolling around on the ground in pain so near her home. When does anything good happen near her home?  Of course Ben has some secrets to reveal, the first being that not only is he a faerie, but he is also a Vampire. So let’s get this straight, are we going with Vamparie or Faepire? Oh, Vamparie even looks better, let’s go with that. Vamparie Ben’s secrets don’t end there, he is also Warlow! So he’s got that going for him.

-My only problem with this reveal was that I knew it from the second episode of the season. Remember when  Grandpa Faerie first got to Sookie’s place and said that Warlow had been in her home in the past 24 hours? Ben was the only person that we saw there in 24 hours! Oh yeah, and remember when all those faeries were dead in the magical fae hut sometime after Sookie sent Ben there? Of course he’s Warlow! At least this information didn’t take the entire season to be revealed.

-So much more happens with Warlow. He sends Grandpa Niall into the portal which Warlow came from himself. Sookie, upon her discovery that Ben = Warlow, plans to seduce him. She invites him over for dinner and they make out and then Sookie holds her super light ball over him. Will Sookie kill Warlow? My guess is no, not yet anyway, but it should be interesting to see what this confrontation amounts to.

I can barely breath after digging myself out of all that information.  I’m assuming since so many characters are at the Vampire Camp that we will begin to see some scenes there which may be interesting or predictable. I’m expecting more UV light torture. Overall I’m grateful that this episode had minimal werewolf storyline so points for that! However, ‘True Blood’ always loses points when Lala or Andy don’t get enough screen time. They really are the only two people that make a lick of sense on this show.

Blaire will be back reviewing ‘True Blood’ next week. She also live tweets each new episode so follow her @BlaireLovesTV. I will occasionally be live-tweeting ‘True Blood’ among other things @spacecaits.

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  1. Oh my Billith, I love “Vamparie”.

    I thought that the scene between Willa and Eric was absolutely beautiful. It was clearly an homage to the Dracula myth, and in general it harkens back to the westernized version of the Transylvanian vampire. So beautiful!

    I mostly hate Nora, but I’ve noticed that Alexander Woo has been writing more and more of this season, and I’ve always liked his episodes. I think that Woo has made Nora a more likeable and watchable character in the few episodes that he has touched.

    I kind of hate the head writer from last season (Raelle Tucker) and loathe any episode she puts her hands on. She’s the reason we went for Lillith and the Authority. Ugh, ugh, UGH.

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