True Blood – Season 6, Episode 1 “Who Are You, Really?” Review

Rating: 7.3

Well… That was something.

“Who Are You, Really?” rounded out the previously heavy and undesirable arc of Lillith into Billith: the Vampire God. As an avid and hardcore Bill hater, this is possibly my worst nightmare. Bill has now been “killed” twice: once in the drinking of Lillith’s blood in last season’s finale and a second time with a pretty fantastic staking by Sookie in this season six premiere. But he’s not dead, and I am livid. Utterly and completely livid. Seriously, I need him to die. Who can I pay for him to die?

It’s not that Bill’s an archfiend like Joffrey (re: Game of Thrones) whom viewers inherently hate because he is evil incarnate. No, my desire for Bill’s death is much more deep-seeded than that.

I’m not exactly pro-Sookie, because goodness knows that she is dumber than a pile of rocks (which makes Jason a whole other level of stupid which I do not care to examine at this very moment). Plainly and simply: Bill would have used Sookie to please the queen, he coerced her into bedding him and loving him all as an act of reconnaissance, and has systematically chosen to terrorize this young woman over the course of what must only be 3 or 4 years all for the sake of a very unhealthy relationship with the concept of romantic love. Bill is Edward Cullen, a character I loathe at my very core because of my feminist leanings (both of these characters are the archetype for the abusive boyfriend). Bill’s flashbacks have entirely consisted of his fetish for drinking blood from the groin-al region of his various victims or his inability to sustain his relationships with his former human life. There’s no loving this guy, although I’ll admit he’s been (mostly) a kind maker to baby vamp Jessica, so he’s got a bit of my sympathy.

It’s all about Eric, a character whose past has been almost entirely about helping those in need (with the cruel vampire charms). I mean, yeah… I’m a hardcore Eric and Sookie shipper. I don’t necessarily care for Sookie, but if she’s going to be with a vamper it’s going to be Eric. No ifs, ands, or buts about it…

I really just went down the rabbit hole, didn’t I? 350 words in and not a coherent thought about the episode at hand…

So let’s get right to it:

“Who Are You, Really?” was a relatively generic season-opener, or at least the first half of the episode certainly was. Sure, it involved some heroics and mighty exposition, but that’s the only direction it could have possibly gone. There were no surprises to be had with the Billith plot: the rag-tag group of f-ups had to escape the firey AVL, strategize, and ultimately go their separate ways because True Blood cares not for characters moving forward with the same storyline; it must always be as confusing and separated as possible so that the reunion at the end of every season has a heavy impact.

Pam and Tara predictably couldn’t be happy for more than 10 minutes, Nora was both the voice of reason and the annoying intruder into my favorite gang of characters, Jason had his head so full of crazy that he bailed, Sookie had to be everyone’s mother, and Eric was totally smug and loveable.

The first 30 minutes had a couple of highlights:

  • For a moment I really thought that Jason was going to kill Nora. Wishful thinking on my part,
  • Jessica being called to Bill was utterly horrific in all of the right ways,
  • Arlene explained how babies are made to Andy, and
  • Luna died.

I recognize that being happy about Luna dying may not be a popular opinion, but allow me to explain myself: I just rewatched all of the fifth season and, in my mind, Luna was the most inconsistent character next to Sam. In the fifth season Luna and Sam would have a nice moment and then in the next scene she would fly off the handle for absolutely no reason other than something needed to stir the pot and her anger management problems paired with his similarly inconsistent character were a convenient MacGuffin for drama (i.e. Sam gets tortured by werewolves, Luna saves him, they go home, Luna says “Emma will never be a part of their pack,” and Sam—having just been tortured by the wolves—antagonizes her by saying that the wolves are Emma’s people… this was a major argument for 2 whole episodes).

Luna’s death is also a fantastic way for Sam to assume more responsibilities in his life in the form of childcare. Sam’s responsibilities have mostly only ever concerned his many businesses. He failed to protect and help his brother, but perhaps as Emma’s new guardian he will not only be redeemed in the death of his family but also learn to protect the most fragile kind of life.

The latter half of the “Who Are You, Really?” was where the meat of the episode resided.

  • The gentleman whom picked up Jason made a terrifying exit (IMDB has spoiled this for me in all the right ways*),
  • Bill was staked (and unfortunately survived),
  • Jessica and Bill had a quiet moment in which they discover more of Billith’s weird super powers,
  • Eric gave the saddest puppy-dog eyes I have ever seen as his invitation into Sook’s home was rescinded,
  • Lafayette made a grand and drunken appearance, and
  • Andy’s daughters aged 4 years in the matter of three hours (faeries, yay!).

I’m mightily confused by Jessica’s turn from Sookie, her only consistent friend—Jason practically disowned her after she kissed him with a mouth full of blood and Bill threw her across a room (twice?) last season—but such is the relationship between a baby vamp and her maker. My mortal mind may never comprehend this kind of love, so I won’t question it too deeply.

I can only hope that the rest of the season is as invigorating as the second act of “Who Are You, Really?” because that was the stuff my favorite show is made of… I understand that the adventure from last season’s finale had to come to a close, and it was sure fun to listen to Pam’s rising hatred for Nora (I’m with you, girlfriend), but the shitty sequence in which we follow Billith through the AVL was obnoxious and poorly constructed. I don’t need Billith’s POV, much like I don’t need Bill.

All around this was an acceptable episode of True Blood, but I’ll need the series to step up its game in the coming weeks. However, I have absolutely no doubt that season 6 will be phenomenal based on the previews for the rest of this season.

Oh, yeah! Some stuff happened with Alcide. As attractive as my favorite werewolf is, this arc was not up to snuff compared to the rest of the episode’s content, thus it is only an afterthought.


  • * – If you really want spoilers, look up the actor who interacted with Jason in the car. As a book reader, I was thrilled. As a TV show watcher, I was confused.

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  1. So you wanted them to make Luna a woman in the fridge?

    • Thanks for the comment! It’s a Catch-22. Luna definitely fits into that trope in that she is a weak female character with supernatural abilities who has died but left a stronger male supernatural character to succeed her, but she exists in a series with more strong female characters than any other show I’ve ever watched. This makes her situation a little bit tricky.

      Also, had Luna’s character survived she almost certainly would have been poked, proded, tortured, and who-knows-what-else for her shifter revelation during the Newlin press conference. Her death not only fits into the shifter/skin-walker rules previously established in Tommy’s death, but also prevents the storyline from making her character completely powerless to physically invasive story arcs. The way her death was written she is a hero and a martyr rather than a victim.

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