True Blood – Season 5, Episode 9 “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” Review

Rating: 7.9

Oh my goodness, what an episode.

I have more questions and concerns than anything else. I also feel like some observations of representation should be discussed for this week’s episode. Please bear with me.

Firstly, why is the largest Tru-Blood factory in Houston? Texas is notorious for not exactly being the most socially progressive state, so why would they produce the food for a class of citizen whom is not socially accepted? Oh right, because where a lack of social progression exists so do conglomerates. I assume Tru-Blood would be a mighty fine investment for some big wig somewhere. I digress.

True Blood finally got around to showing male nudity in this week’s episode. Brava, good writers.  Equal exposure, that’s all I’m asking for! It’s not common that even a premium channel will show male nudity, but it’s fair to say that when it is shown, usually it’s from an actor who is not one of the main cast members. Of all of the themes of sexuality explored in Queer as Folk, if I recall correctly, there was only ever one instance of male genitalia.

Moving on to the important bits, from the top.

I rather like Eric and the techie vampire teaming up to escape this weird vampire tyranny that Salome has created. Techie vampire is very tiny compared to the behemoth that is Eric Northman, but they make a good team nonetheless. Unfortunately Bill and Nora continue to be worst at everything. Bill betrays Eric and techie vampire at the end of the episode. Have I mentioned yet that I believe Bill is the worst? I’m afraid that techie vampire will be killed off next episode. She’s very adorable. Do not want!

Bill really showed off how awful he is this episode. From betraying Eric to hallucinating that he himself drained Sookie to death, I don’t care what his religion tells him. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. How cool would it be if True Blood killed off Bill, along with Nora and Salome? I would really like that.

Salome continues to be dressed in unnecessary costume changes in this week’s episode. This week featured a delightful little belly dancer outfit that had no top, just chains. After having said outfit ripped off of her in the throws of passion, Bill further hallucinates that Salome is actually Lillith. Yes, the indication here is that Salome is Lillith’s avatar, the embodiment of the goddess herself.

That leads me to another question. Why do they keep referring to Lillith as god rather than goddess? Curious…

Anyway. Lafayette is back to his perky, sassy self, which once again makes me a very happy viewer. His little speech that he’s not g-mail for ghosts just about floored me. I’m glad to see someone else hanging out with Sookie, because she needs more than just Jason and the lovely little fae in her court right now.

Bud Dearbourne being a villain upset me greatly. I love Bud Dearbourne, but I understand that his character needed to be officially dealt with more than just by having him go into retirement. His initial reaction for going into retirement was due to supernatural occurrences, so I’m not completely baffled by his new life as the committer of hate crimes (which he would of course refer to as vigilante justice). I’m glad that he was hesitant to hurt Sookie, whom he’s known all her life, or I would not have found any reason to believe in this plot whatsoever. By the way, what on earth happened to Bud’s wife? This needs to be discussed.

I will say that I do not like the characterization of Bud’s new girlfriend and “the Dragon of Renard Parish”, Sweetie. Sweetie is one of the only characters on this show to be a bigger person and yet she is a villain. Furthermore, as a bigger person she is a villain whose animal symbol is a pig. True Blood is a show that generally does well with discussing the less than pleasant topics of racism, homophobia, and even classism to a certain extent. Yet they clearly have no qualms with sizeism, as they have repeatedly villainized all of the bigger people in the series. I hope that they take a different stance and try to show a large person as a protagonist, especially without the pig animal companion. Obvious writing is too obvious.

The Obamas, as the hate-group are dubbed by the Sheriff’s department, have a real website, by the way. is a great little marketing scheme that HBO has riled up. The website is a treat, just like it is in the show.

I’m not a huge fan of Alcide’s whole initiation story, but I am excited that Agent Doggett from The X-Files plays his father. I just don’t buy the casting of adolescent Alcide and Debbie. This may not matter to anyone else, but nothing rips me away from a movie or show faster than continuity issues.

Furthermore, I want Emma to be safe. True Blood has been very liberal with hurting children this season. I would not be very okay with anything remotely bad happening to Emma. I love that Russell and Steve are becoming a thing, and I agree with Steve, Emma is an adorable puppy. But NO! Give Emma back to Martha!

PS –I am really starting to love Martha.

Also, I love that Russell sounds more German when he gets angry.

This week I also fell in love with Terry again. I am so glad that he shot Patrick. Patrick and Arlene were very obviously sitting on Terry’s shoulder as an angel and devil, but ultimately I think that Terry did the right thing, especially considering the harsh line from a few weeks ago: “You made me do something evil.” It’s awful that he would have to complete the same action in order to redeem himself, but hopefully it was cathartic. By the way, Arlene is a total badass and we never knew.

Speaking of being badass: Luna and Sam saved the day! I liked their animal choices, and I’m so glad that the quipy Andy was capable of returning the favor for Sam. I’m sad to see Bud Dearbourne shot and gone; but Andy would have been the only character who could kill Bud and have it mean something (except perhaps Sookie). Luna beating the crap out of Sweetie was phenomenal. I think I’m starting to understand why Luna is always so angry: the actress plays angry so very well.

Finally, I’m not okay with the new vampire Sheriff of Area 5. Not whatsoever. I want Eric back, and I do not like Pam being tossed around like some little rag doll. Fangtasia is for Eric and his progeny, no one else. My heart is breaking for the chaos which is unfurling in Renard Parish. I fear for my favorite vamps and humans alike.

All in all I felt that this episode was poorly edited and, while I loved it, I ultimately found it to be awkward and uncomfortable. Until next time.

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