The Voice – Live Playoffs Results Show Recap

Welcome to our first results show of the season! You know what that means? 57 minutes of filler and 3 minutes of stuff happening!! YAY!

Here are my predictions for tonight, made immediately after the conclusion of last night’s performance: Caroline, Cathia, Garrett, and the Swons go home. I’m sure in an hour they will be the bane of my existence.

Let’s get right to it!

-THIS IS THE VOICE! Carson introduces the judges. I have to be honest, I think I’m falling in love with Shakira. Her well-intentioned coaching and refusal to lie about contestants being better than they are

-First thing’s first, Carson introduces us to the CEO of Telescope voting. Oh boy, this can’t be good. A somber Carson reveals that some “voting irregularities” occurred, but the CEO ensures us that they were taken care of and didn’t affect the outcome tonight. Good to know! A perilous beginning to the evening, anyway.

Let’s ignore all the group performances and Rod Stewart silliness (shout out to Cee Lo though, who was as delightful as ever), and focus on the results:

Team Blake: Holly Tucker, Danielle Bradbery voted through. Swon Brothers saved by Blake. Justin Rivers goes home.

This played out exactly as expected until Blake chose the Swons. Danielle is clearly Blake’s #1 competitor, and he did his job getting her through. Holly has one of the best voices in the competition, and the fact that she advanced on fan voting indicates she’ll go quite a ways before the fans get tired of her slow ballads (think Trevin Hunte last season). I will not for one second pretend to understand why Blake chose the Swon Brothers over Justin. The latter appears to have genuine pop-country crossover potential, with the looks, charisma, and voice to go far. The Swons, God bless ’em, I still do not understand. Whatever. They’ll be voted out in the next two weeks, I guarantee it.

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen, Kris Thomas voted through. Garrett Gardner saved by Shakira. Karina Iglesias goes home.

KRIS, MY MAN! He’s been my personal favorite singer this season, but I wasn’t sure Kris would have the fan support. Happy to be wrong, as he gets voted through despite what was not his best performance last night. Could Kris’ falsetto make a surprise run to the finals, a la Nicholas David last season? It’s in play! A more likely finalist though would be Sasha, who got voted through because duh. Shakira has liked Garrett all season, and even though he’s clearly the worst singer left in the field (all due respect to the skinny Swon brother, who is also terrible!), he’s got a lot of…heart, I guess? It’s been clear for the last couple weeks that Karina peaked too soon, and the judges have seemed bored of her. The writing was on the wall for this decision, and while I don’t agree with it, I understand Shakira making it.

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel, Vedo voted through. Josiah Hawley saved by Usher. Cathia goes home.

Oh, Vedo. Like the Swons, I just don’t get Vedo. Well, I don’t get him as an artist – he seems like an awesome guy who has gone through some real tragedy, and as he jumped for joy tonight I couldn’t help but feel happy for him. But yeah, still don’t get his appeal as a singer. The Josiah/Cathia decision is actually an easy one for Usher – this is a female-heavy season, and there is absolutely no case to be made that Cathia is even one of the top seven female singers. You could argue that she’s better than Josiah, but there is nobody (literally nobody!) remaining who is like Josiah, so he’s a better contestant to keep around going forward. Cathia’s performance last night (the worst of the Live Playoffs, in my opinion) made this an even simpler choice.

Team Adam: Judith Hill, Amber Carrington voted through. Sarah Simmons saved by Adam. Caroline Glaser goes home.

The best team this season was also the most predictable, especially when Amber’s massive iTunes numbers came in. She was great this week, and will be a fan voting force going forward. The Judith/Sarah dynamic is interesting – I thought Sarah would edge her on voting, but there’s no denying that Judith was better this week, and I’m not sure who would pay money to download the sad puppies song that Sarah sang, regardless of how well she sang it. Adam acted like Sarah vs. Caroline was an real decision, but as much as I love my coffee house girl Caroline, this was never in doubt. You CANNOT get rid of Sarah Simmons. She’s just too good.

So, two-for-four in my predictions, though the two I missed were because of judges’ decisions (not fan voting), so I can some comfort in that. Next week we start the final phase of the season, with all contestants performing on Monday and the lowest two vote getters being eliminated on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

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