The Voice iTunes Results 6/4

As of 10:00 AM ET on Tuesday, June 4th, here are the iTunes results for ‘The Voice’ top-6 contestants:

4. Michelle Chamuel “I Knew You Were Trouble”
12. Danielle Bradbery “A Little Bit Stronger”
18. Michelle Chamuel “Somewhere Only We Know”
20. Danielle Bradbery “Shake the Sugar Tree”
27. Sasha Allen “Before He Cheats”
29. The Swon Brothers “Wagon Wheel”
31. Amber Carrington “I Remember You”
34. Amber Carrington “Crazy”
44. Sasha Allen “Ain’t No Way”
47. Swon Brothers “Okie From Muskogee”
70. Holly Tucker “My Wish”
126. Holly Tucker “When God-Fearin’ Women Get the Blues”


-WE HAVE OURSELVES A SEASON!! Danielle has been a sure-thing to win season 4 since she started blowing everyone away in iTunes about a month ago, but Michelle has been slowly closing the gap. In order to cut into Danielle’s lead in cumulative iTunes votes, Michelle needed a week where she finished in the iTunes top-10 (and thus got the 10x) vote bonus while Danielle did not. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Not only that, but Michelle blew the doors off with a 4th place finish, 8 spots ahead of Danielle! We’re not privvy to the exact vote totals, of course, and Danielle surely still has a lead in cumulative voting – but that lead is probably no longer insurmountable.

At the end of my lamentation/appreciation of how this is the country season of The Voice (which was just given a shoutout on the TIME magazine website, cough cough), I noted the only way for Danielle to NOT win this season is for the huge number of country artists to split the vote, and for Michelle to unite all the non-country fans under her banner. Well, just call of The Resistance, because this week it happened!

-As if we needed further proof, this entire season is Michelle vs. Danielle. Michelle won this round handily, with both her performances beating Danielle’s. But the two were responsible for the top four iTunes performances of the night. Everyone else is competing for third place.

-At the other end of the spectrum, if Holly Tucker doesn’t go home this week I’ll be floored. Of the 12 performances last night, hers ranked #11 and #12 on iTunes, and weren’t even close to the rest of the pack. Not only that, but based on the quality of the performances (before any iTunes results), I and the people on my timeline seemed to agree that it was time for her to go home. There is an overwhelming probability that Holly goes home tonight.

-Congratulations to Sasha Allen for pulling herself back from the brink of elimination and now looking like a good bet to go to the finals. Shakira did an excellent job with song choice for her this week, particularly the Carrie Underwood number that appealed to the audience watching the show. And the Swon Brothers…because…you know what, I can’t even fake it. I hate them. I hate you, Swon Brothers.

-Middling week for Amber Carrington, which is not what she needed right now. Last week she looked like a good bet to place third, but now she’s back firmly with the pack that includes Sasha and the Swons.

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