The Office Series Finale: Review

The Office’s finale was, in my eyes, perfect. The cast and crew really did an excellent job making sure this iconic and beloved show had a proper ending. I wasn’t sure how they’d manage to top Michael’s last episode, but they somehow did it. I had high expectations and they all managed to be exceeded. I feel like the best way to talk about the finale is by talking about each character’s sendoff. And, in no particular order, here it goes:

Erin- Erin seems happy with Pete and met her birth parents at the documentary’s reunion. I thought the scene where she meets her father and mother was unbelievably touching. It didn’t feel cliché or unnecessary, it just felt right. I’m so happy for her character.

Stanley: Stanley finally retired and moved to Florida. He finally seems happy! The only question I had was whether or not he is still with his wife? I assume not? It was also sweet to see that he actually cares about Phyllis.

Phyllis: Stanley’s old seat was filled by a trim, young black guy and I thought it was adorable that Phyllis was trying to fatten him up so he was more like Stanley.

Pete and Clark: No one actually cares, do they?

Meredith: When Meredith was watching her son strip I was cringing and cringing. She had some great jokes though and I’m digging the brown hair.

Creed: Creed’s criminal past finally caught up with him and he was arrested, but not before singing and playing the guitar for us! He’s sketchy and weird but I’ll definitely miss him.

Ryan and Kelly: Well, the two of them admitted their love to each other (again) and ran off with each other (again). Appropriate. They both had some great jokes before leaving though, like Ryan shouting about how he is finally ready for commitment while in the middle of abandoning a baby or Kelly saying how premature babies are “uggos”.

Nellie: She finally got a baby, and a cute one too. I’m happy for her, even if I’ve never really liked her character.

Toby: He’s pursuing his novel writing career in New York after getting fired. He’s painfully awkward and pitiful as ever, but I thought it was cute that he seems to finally be accepted and liked by his co-workers (as shown by them inviting him to the warehouse party).

Kevin: Kevin also got fired because… well, this requires no explanation. Anywho, now he’s a bartender. Best line: “Why why why why. I said why six times, see I can count!”

Darryl: Darryl is living his dream out in Austin with Athleap (formerly Athlead). I thought it was rude that he ignored Andy at the airport but whatever. I wouldn’t expect him to get all sentimental and mushy just because I was.

Oscar: Oscar is running against the senator for his position. You go, Oscar! Also, he’s Dwight and Angela’s son’s godfather. I really love the friendship that developed between Angela and Oscar these last few weeks. It’s nice to see they buried the hatchet (even if it was a waste of a good hatchet).

Andy: Andy is the laughingstock of the Internet, thanks to that video of him auditioning for the acapella show. I feel bad for him, but at least he gets a nice ending as well. Andy gets his dream job at Cornell and gives a lovely speech at their commencement.

Dwight and Angela: They both have hysterical bachelor/bachelorette parties and then, despite Angela getting locked in the car by Mose, get married. They are too cute together and I was constantly aww-ing during their dance together (where Dwight was holding her above the ground). I’m so happy for them. I also thought it was beautiful how Dwight fired Jim and Pam just to get them severance before…

Jim and Pam: Well, JAM is moving out of Scranton to Austin so Jim can live out his dream working for Athleap. They had so many cute moments together that it is hard to choose a favorite, but if I had to pick, it would be the moment where Pam picks up the phone and says, “Dunder Mifflin this is Pam” while Jim is sitting in his desk, since it was a callback to early seasons. I’m so glad that these two characters have a beautiful, happy life ahead of them and I’ll miss them dearly.

Michael: My tears started the moment Michael showed up to be Dwight’s best man and tripled when Michael made a “That’s What She Said” joke. It wouldn’t have felt right if he wasn’t there. It turns out Michael has the kids he’s always wanted (and so many pictures of them he bought two phones to keep them all). My favorite line of his had to be when he was saying how happy he was that his children (the employees) all married each other, like every parent wants.

The finale was gorgeous- a real roller coaster of emotions for the fans. This show changed television, and I’m sad to see it go. I know in the years to come I’ll long for the good ‘ol days of watching The Office on Thursday nights. I’ll leave you with an Andy quote that really sums up my feelings, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

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  1. I was happy to see Steve Carell on the last episode. He made me nervous on “Ellen” but he did show up with a great “That’s what she said” joke, but my favorite part of the whole show was Meredith and her son. I was at work and laughed hysterically when she tried to show her son how to straddle Angela. When she called her son an “entrepreneur” I almost fell out of my seat. In that special before the show, I really wanted to hear more about her career. She is the WORST in the best way. At one point I just wanted to watch the last season to see what horrific wig she’d wear. The rest of the characters were all great but Meredith and Creepy Creed did it for me every time when Michael left the show.

    As for that wedding with the graves, OMG that was cringeworthy. *covering eyes*

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