Suits – Season 3 Premiere “The Arrangement” Review

Special guest review by Shana Lieberman (@evilapprentice), edited by Blaire Knight-Graves (@BlaireLovesTV). 

Rating:  sqrt(47) ~ 6.8556546004

It’s so nice to have Suits back, even if the recap DID leave out THAT scene.  You know which one.

After last season’s explosive finale, I was chomping at the bit to see what season 3 would bring us.  Overall, I’m far from disappointed, although I certainly have my gripes.  Let’s get those out of the way first.

I needed more of the Harvey/Mike dynamic.  Even though everyone’s favorite bromance was on the rocks, with Harvey refusing to speak to Mike for the majority of the episode, Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams needed more time together.  I needed to see the tension between the boys in order to be fully satisfied.  When we finally got our confrontation about 3/4 of the way through the episode, Macht was the clear cut standout.  Harvey’s anger was palpable, and there was that hint of humanity (if that’s even possible for him) that screamed “you hurt me when you betrayed me” right under the surface.  I’m not entirely certain that I can say the same for Adams (we’ll get to the overall complaint there next), but he did have some stellar lines.  “You haven’t said whatever you have to say so you can rip me to shreds enough so you can forgive me.”  I wish that the episode would’ve had more of this.  I wanted a knock down, drag out fight.  Hopefully, it will come.  If it does not, I will be very upset.

My gripe with Adams is that I didn’t buy Mike’s remorse or feel the least bit sorry for him.  I don’t know if there’s a reason for this that we’ll see later, but there just wasn’t enough…something.  When Mike’s grandmother died in season 2, I was utterly crushed — not because she was a major character but because Adams played Mike’s heartbreak so well.  I just didn’t get that tonight.  Mike said he wanted to be back in Harvey’s good graces.  Mike told people he felt bad.  Mike was obviously running into brick walls everywhere he went…but Shana couldn’t be bothered to care.  This is problematic at best.  Anything that makes me write in third person is.

My final gripe, which shouldn’t require much explanation, is that Harvey is an idiot.  He was against the merger.  He is no fan of Darby’s.  Darby knows this…but he’s cutting deals with the guy?  Idiot.  For such a smart guy, Harvey can be really clueless.  I was hoping his character would’ve progressed enough to have learned better by now, but alas.

And now, we finally get on to the good.

The Suits supporting cast has a tendency to shine, and they did not let me down one bit tonight.  Louis Litt’s rant about the lack of Uniballs was priceless, and Donna’s facial reactions had me laughing so hard I thought I might choke.  Sarah Rafferty should get an award of some sort for that face. Louis also had that hilarious dynamic with British Louis (Nigel).  Rick Hoffman and Adam Godley played off of each other so, SO well.  I have no idea what that whole BLT — mayonnaise — Monte Cristo thing was all about, but I know it was entertaining. I also know that I’m with Donna on that one:  It made me hungry.  The best part about both Louis and Donna, by the way, is that we get a majority of the comedy aspect of the show from them without losing the drama.  Comic relief characters can be one-trick ponies, but not so with these two.

And now we can talk about the aftermath of THAT scene.  We found out fairly early in the episode that it had only been a couple of days since Mike and Rachel made it so that Suits fans couldn’t look at a file room the same way ever again, but instead of going at it like bunnies, they’re actually at odds.  This was refreshingly realistic.  Rachel was not happy about the way Mike had lied to her for two years, which was perfectly understandable. Unlike with most other major emotional moments tonight, I felt like Adams really brought it in both of Mike’s arguments with Rachel.  Then again, perhaps having a scene partner like Meghan Markle made that easy.  She was particularly on top of her game tonight.  And if anybody had to worry that the Rachel/Mike (hey, is there a shipper name here that I’m unaware of?) relationship was no longer going to be full of witty banter once they finally sealed the deal, that bedroom scene certainly put those fears to rest.

More highlights:

  • Gina Torres, I love you.  Please don’t ever change.  What was that smile after Jessica’s argument with Mike?  I want to know MORE.

  • Everything from the lighting, to the music, to the acting in both of Mike’s nightmare and its replay was gorgeous.  It also happened to be the only place where I got to see some good, old-fashioned zingers flying between Harvey and Mike.  Scared?  “I wouldn’t be if I had my Cookie Monster with me.”

  • I’m going to rename this show “Game of Suits” if they keep having favorites from Game of Thrones join us.  Michelle Fairley’s Ava Hessington is exactly the type of strong female that we needed to be yet another foil for Harvey.

  • I’m tired of the jealous victim syndrome from Rachel, but Markle nailed it.  I ought to be so sick of this character that I don’t care, but Markle makes that impossible.  Brava!

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