Suits Season 3, Episode 9 “Bad Faith” Review

Rating: 8.0

“Bad faith!  I like it.” — Harvey Specter

This episode was definitely a way to bridge the gap between last week’s settling of the Hessington murder case and whatever is coming in the mid-season finale, but it was far from a throwaway.  Perhaps it was because the drama was turned down a little bit, thus making me able to actually focus on these things, but I have to say that I could’ve watched the entire episode without dialogue and would still have been happy with it.  Suits always has this look that I can only describe as smart and a little bit sexy, and I feel like “Bad Faith” was especially heavy on the excellent scenery.  Take a look back and appreciate the silhouette of the building behind Harvey after his argument with Scottie outside of the Samsung offices, the way the camera settled on Louis’s “LITT UP” mug (dear USA, please let me buy one of these) for just the right amount of time, the way you could actually see shadows in the glass of Harvey’s office during his discussion with Donna when the Hessington Oil news dropped, or any number of other lovely scenes.  You’ll thank me for it.  It’s usually the actors that get the most recognition for good work done on a television show, but pretty much everyone getting these awesome shots on Suits deserves major props.

If I’m going to start gushing over actors here, it’s definitely going to be Rick Hoffman in his (as always) excellent portrayal of Louis Litt.  He hit every emotion perfectly, with just the right melodrama for the character in the appropriate places, but without making the mistake of going too far.  It would have been VERY easy, for example, for him to overact it in the scene where Louis lost his cool in his negotiations with Nigel, but he nailed it.  NAILED.  IT.  And hey!  I’ve finally figured out why the cat custody trial from a couple of weeks ago deserved as much time as it did!  It was the perfect setup for something that would make Louis absolutely snap and blow it, which he did.  And when Louis was on the verge of happy tears as Gabriel Macht delivered Harvey’s “I respect you.  You’re an excellent attorney and a valuable member of this firm” line, I was quite a bit ferklempt myself.  Excellent scene from both guys.

With that being said, my two favorite scenes of the night were all Harvey Specter, all the time.  Or, well, half Harvey Specter, all the time.  The top dramatic moment came when Harvey absolutely tore Louis a new one after he blew the negoations.  I usually hate Harvey for treating Louis like crap, but as much as I could empathize with him (and tell how completely crestfallen and self-loathing he was for what happened), I felt like Louis deserved it.  The stakes were too high.  He knew that.  He asked to take the lead on this case, specifically because he knew emotions had to be kept out of it, and then what did he do?  He let himself get emotional to the point where he didn’t even remember signing the paperwork.  Argh.  Number two half Harvey, all the time scene:  THAT ONE WITH DONNA AND HARVEY AT THE BEGINNING.  For longtime fans of the show, I feel like my reasons should be obvious.  If you’re just tuning in, suffice it to say that the chemistry between Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty is a thing of beauty, and it just keeps getting better.  Furthermore, their banter about getting “Harvey” a handbag was classic Suits.  I feel like we’ve been missing some of that lately, and it was refreshing to have it back in “Bad Faith.”

Too bad Mike didn’t think to buy Rachel a handbag.  I could take or leave the opening scene between this couple — really, did I need Rachel in her underwear to know these two have a great sex life? — but their relationship was certainly under the microscope. Just when you thought they were going to take a big step forward and move in together, Mike had to go and use his relationship with Rachel to manipulate her dad for business purposes.  Oops.  Papa Zane was proud of him for having balls, but Rachel was obviously not impressed.  I can’t decide whether or not Meghan Markle’s acting was a bit too over the top during that last argument or if Patrick J. Adams was a bit too held back.  Maybe it was a bit of both?  I can’t say what it was, but something was just off for me.  That’s probably my only (minor) complaint with what the main cast did all night.

Other thoughts:

  • Obligatory shout-out to Gina Torres.  I have made no secret of my appreciation for her work on the previous 8 reviews, and I continue to love everything she does.
  • There wasn’t enough Donna in this episode.  Sarah Rafferty has killed it all season.  I guess she deserved a slightly less taxing episode after all of her hard work, but I, for one, am a demanding fan that wants more, more, MORE.  When the show lacks Donna, the show takes a step back in overall awesomeness.
  • Blonde chick was back in this episode.  The character is less grating for me now since she’s proving herself as a great partner for Louis, but I still feel like I’m watching an actor playing a part, rather than a character that I just BELIEVE.
  • I am not ready to be Suits-less for the next several months.  This is one of the smartest shows on tv, if not the smartest, and it’s one of about three that has yet to let me down.  The mid-season finale looks like it’s going to be killer.  See you next week.

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