Suits Season 3, Episode 7 “She’s Mine” Review

Rating:  Within epsilon of 10.0.  Gotta use my higher Mathematics somewhere.  Rating tv is obviously a good place.

Last month, I ranted about what an awful human being Harvey Specter was.  Tonight, I must apologize.  Not only did he come clean with Jessica about his backstabbing in last week’s episode, but he also managed to be really convincing about his motives being pure in tonight’s roof talk with Jessica.  Furthermore, he beat the crap out of British Harvey at the end of the episode, just as he promised he would if the guy got in the way of his case again.  And let’s get real here:  at least part of that beating was because of the look on Donna’s face.  So, basically, Harvey is my hero this week, at least as far as fictional characters go.

In real life, Gina Torres and Sarah Rafferty are my heroes of the week.  This should not be surprising if you’ve been keeping up on your Suits review reading, or if you paid attention to anything that either of them did tonight whatsoever.  The more I think about it, the struggles that Gina and Sarah’s characters had to face tonight were similar, and they both dealt with it in pretty much the exact same fashion.  Both were betrayed by someone that they cared about, and they each handled it with strength in the face of heartbreak.  Jessica was obviously hurt by Harvey’s deal with Darby and angry with him throughout the episode, but she managed to channel her energy into that utterly terrifying Jessica Pearson attack mode that I’ve come to love dearly.  Donna lashed out at Mike a bit, which was a weaker version of Jessica’s channeling pain into action, but she was tough where it counted.  When Donna walked out on British Harvey, it was with her head held high.  She even threw in a threat  about what would happen if Original Harvey found out, and since she’s Donna and knows everything about Original Harvey, her threat was anything but empty.

When Donna walked away from Mike after their conversation in the hallway, it was reminiscent of Alicia Florrick’s walk of pain on The Good Wife when she found out that one of her husband’s affairs was with Kalinda.  That’s right:  I just compared Sarah Rafferty to two time Emmy and SIX time SAG award winner Julianna Margulies.  I’m telling you, it is well deserved.  Let’s go on some more about how wonderful Rafferty was tonight:  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her in the second to last scene when the entirety of British Harvey’s guilt was revealed.  There was so much happening with the other three actors that I should have paid more attention to them, but I was too busy having my soul ripped out by Donna’s barely held back tears and the way she was protecting herself with her arms folded over her chest.  Oh, and that quiet “I’m so sorry, Harvey” at the end of the scene? I’m surprised I’ve lived to write about how crushing it was.

I’m moving on before I make this whole review a fan letter to Rafferty…

Let’s talk Litt!!!  We didn’t get a lot of him last week, which was disappointing, but tonight week, we got to see about as much of his mock cat custody trial we did of the real drama.  Ok, so I write the phrase “mock cat custody trial,” and it seems like it’s going to be hilarious.  The whole issue had its comic relief moments, particularly in the beginning of the episode when Louis sent Rachel a red alert to help him hide the cat…but as ever, there was also some real emotion there.  I don’t know how Rick Hoffman manages to deliver lines like, “I lost the associates, Mike made a fool of me, I saw Harvey’s name go up on the wall, and I went…home.  Do you know what happened? Mikado saw my pain, and she brought me a mouse,” and follow it up with that heartbreaking smile rather than cracking up, but he does it so well.

The only thing worrisome with the mock trial was that it distracted from the building drama in the main storyline.  I love Louis Litt.  I love the comedy that he brings to the table.  I love that he’s as obsessed with cats as I am if not more so, but if we’re talking about keeping an episode really flowing as a cohesive unit, there might have just been a little bit too much mock trial tonight.  Then again, it DID give me more of the strong, capable Rachel that I adore and absolutely none of obnoxious, whiny Rachel, so I shouldn’t complain.  She’s going to make a wonderful lawyer.

I still can’t believe how in love with Harvey I am after “She’s Mine,” though.  Excuse me while I lose sleep watching him beat the crap out of Stephen, who shall henceforth no longer be worthy of the name “British Harvey.”  To steal Jessica’s words to Harvey, “I never thought you’d do that to me.”  Indeed, I never thought he’d make me adore him so much and really believe in him again.  Here’s hoping I’m not idiotic for that.

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  1. Totally agree with this- last nights episode might have killed me. Just wondering, how did you respond to the reveal about former British Harvey? I never saw it coming!

    • I didn’t see it coming either. Look, I knew he was slimy and up to his own agenda the whole time, but I didn’t predict exactly what the agenda was AT ALL. I just figured he was just trying to screw up the case for Harvey because Lord Varys/Darby/whatever didn’t actually want to go through with the deal.

  2. Your comment Good review! E7 reminded me why I like suits. The cast is good & work well together. For me Jessica/Gina makes this show make sense, I enjoyed watching the whole E7 which has not been the case for E2-6. Jessica \”The Boss\” is back (missed her) ! Harvey & Jessica\’s relationship is most interesting to me. It seemed the last 6 eps, they were trying to squash any notion that there was any romance between them by destroying the whole relationship. That\’s part of what makes them intriguing-you can\’t quite tell what they are to each other but you know it\’s not mother – son. They\’re about the same age & what son talks roofie to mom & mom says I wouldn\’t need one for you (s2. finale). Glad they are getting back on track (sort of). A fav moment —Jessica to Harvey: believe me I can convince anyone that a number 2 can betray a number 1 behind her back. OUT.look on Mike\’s face : \” Scottie pleeeaasse beam him up.\”look on Harvey\’s face: \” do it now!!! Beam me up right now pleeeaaase!!! No words he turns & leaves.Later Harvey & Jessica are in their special place ( the roof) & she\’s talking to him like a friend- a friend he hurt but Harvey, to is credit, actually made her smile. Not sure Harvey understands the damage he caused to them but we\’ll see how it goes. Harvey needs Jessica to help him keep that balance—put him in check. Donna is to in love to really put Harvey in check. it felt like E6 was overkill in the Harvey/Donna thing. Who Harvey romances matters NOT to me. Sometimes the mystery is most interesting. Donna is being portrayed as desperate concerning Harvey IMO not a good look. Thought the mock trial was fun & painted Rachael in a different light..enjoyed it. Welcome back suits.

    • I really wanted to write about some of Jessica’s best lines in episode 7, and your comment definitely had one of my favorites! Thanks for that! The entirety of the Ava Hessington case in episode 7 really served to parallel the Jessica/Harvey conflict. Every time Jessica opened her mouth about what a number 2 can do to a number 1, you could tell that she was talking more about herself and Harvey than about the case. I absolutely LOVE it when things like happen in law and/or crime shows. Perfection. I kinda felt bad for Mike in pretty much all of those scenes where his face was so completely awkwarded out by being kinda on the outskirts of the Pearson/Specter struggle. I’d love to see him step up and actually put his two cents in instead of standing there with that uncomfortable look on his face. Then again, it makes for great television either way. :)

      I actually disagree about the Harvey/Donna thing in episode 6, just because I particularly enjoy actually having backstory on that relationship. That’s the beauty of watching television though; we all take from it what works for us personally.

  3. Great review! Really enjoyed this episode of Suits, it was bang back on form and the perfect follow on from the flashback episode from the previous week. Did anybody notice the associates at the Mock “Cat” Trial? I would like help to identify the female associate in black. Check screen grabs on my blog

    • Thank you! I wish I could help with figuring out who that associate is, but I can’t say I have any idea. Hopefully, someone else will read through the comments and figure it out. I can’t wait to see what happens on tonight’s episode after last week’s ending.

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