Suits Season 3, Episode 3 “Unfinished Business” Review

by Guest Contributor Shana Lieberman (@evilapprentice)

Rating:  7.2

Wow.  Just…wow.

The aftermath of last week’s “Harvey Specter Is The Worst” episode was everywhere this week.  Louis was noticeably mad and returned to being nasty with Mike, Harvey was an unapologetic jerk to Louis and suggested that he find himself a rebound associate, Mike and Harvey worked a case together…

…but, of course, nothing is that simple.

Let’s get the bad part out of the way.  Katrina, I loathe you, and it’s not in that good way that I loathe Harvey.  No, I loathe Harvey Specter because he is a well-played and well-written character that was created to be the arrogant, selfish, self-serving hypocrite that he is.  Katrina, on the other hand?  Why is she even here?  I get that Louis needed his “rebound,” but does it really need to be her?  I had no idea why she was brought in last season, and I have no idea why she’s here now.  For a fifth year that used to work in the DA’s office, she obviously has absolutely no sense of work place decorum, and she also has no idea about the concept of working her way to the top.  When Louis told her to get out of his office and find herself “another whale,” I was cheering for him.  The video that she made of Mike should have gotten her fired, and the fact that she thought she could sass Harvey about it was infuriating.  You do NOT talk to Harvey Specter like that!  While Macht did a great job in their argument, Amanda Schull did not.  The constant head shaking was obnoxious and totally unnecessary.  It’s something straight out of Center Stage, which she was also not particularly good in.  Schull sticks out like a sore thumb in a show with such a strong cast, and her character isn’t even important enough for me to remember her name.  I will probably forget it and go back to calling her “blonde chick” by next week’s episode.

Another source of disappointment is the fact that Louis actually took blonde chick on as his “rebound.”  I was excited to see Snarky, Selfish Litt back in the opening scene, and his non-dairy creamer conversation with Rachel was certainly worth a revisit:

Louis:  It’s a metaphor.  The first sip, you think it’s real, you know?  After all, it wants you to believe that it’s genuine, and it’s good, and it’s gonna deliver on its promise.  But then with time, you realize that it’s just a concoction of chemicals that’s designed to disguise the truth that it’s actually full of shit.

Rachel:  Then why are you drinking it?

Louis:  I’m lactose intolerant.

Rick Hoffman delivered that whole thing wonderfully as expected, and it was one of a million great lines in tonight’s show.  But then Louis had to go and be an idiot.  Ugh.  And can we talk about how he actually smiled when blonde chick (falsely) thanked him?  WHY LOUIS WHY.

Next up on the disappointment scale:  Rachel and Donna’s friendship.  They had about five possibly combative words with one another, and then everything was magically fine.  Last week, Harvey took Mike back at Donna’s request, and this week, the girls are back to being bffs after their argument as well.  Seriously?  There were some good things about this scene, at least.  “Harriet Specter” and “Michelle Ross” were hilarious (can we perhaps get some impersonations at some point, please?), and my bro Donnie’s reaction to the whole thing was priceless.  After Donna described the ultra fancy coffee that she had gotten for Rachel, Donnie came out with a nugget of wisdom.

“This show.  ‘I f-ed up, I’m sorry, here’s some expensive f-ing food.’”

Yeah, that about sums it up.  I’d like more on the whole working through personal conflicts front, please.

My last complaint is that we didn’t get any Gina Torres until the 23 minute mark, so I’m once again unable to write my ode to her.  This has got to stop, people.  What Gina brings to every scene is priceless, but with everything else that’s going on, it’s hard to write an ode to someone that doesn’t spend as much time on screen.

As much as I’d like to keep complaining about how easily spats are resolved, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy to see Harvey and Mike back together this week.  The running Butch and Sundance reference brought a rare smile to my face, and when Big Bro Harvey read Katrina the riot act for terrorizing Little Bro Mike, I was doing quite a fair bit of typing “YES YES YES” in caps.  (Speaking of characters reading Katrina the riot act, Donna wins again.  I love you, Sarah Rafferty.)

It goes beyond bromance, though.  Gabriel Macht brings out the best in Patrick J. Adams.  I’ve decided.  In week one, I really wasn’t buying a lot of Mike’s feelings, but when Mike interrogated Ava Hessington tonight, that boy was on FIRE.  Major props to Michelle Fairley for that scene, as well.  Basically, every time she was on screen, I was drawn to her.  Furthermore, she’s terrifying when she’s angry.  I do not want to cross her.  Ever.

Speaking of the Hessington case, it was the perfect way to bring in British Harvey, give the spotlight to Gabriel Macht as he played angry Harvey both in the courtroom and in his scenes with British Harvey, and provide some much needed character growth for Mike.  Remember, the whole reason that the bromance was broken up for 5 whopping minutes was that Mike wasn’t trustworthy enough for Harvey’s liking.  Tonight, he showed us all that he has learned his lesson, at least for now.  No matter how many times or in how many creative ways Hessington tried to get him to tell her whether or not Harvey thought she was guilty in her murder case, Mike refused to say anything.  Sundance wasn’t about to betray Butch so quickly after getting back together.

And, I suppose, that brings me to the last scene…WHOA.  First of all, when Harvey said that the team hadn’t really been back together, I was thinking we were finally going to get some sort of major argument.  Or maybe Harvey was going to admit that he just took Mike back to screw Louis.  I’m thinking, based on the wonderful expression of shock from Patrick J. Adams, that Mike was thinking something along those lines as well.  Instead, we found out that Harvey was actually about to share his big secret with Mike.  Yes, he’s made that deal to take Jessica down.  We didn’t really get anything on that story tonight.  For much of the evening, it looked like Harvey was working rather well and being a good dog for Jessica, but nope!  BOMBSHELL (except that the viewers already knew, but shhh).  Mike’s quiet shock as we faded to black was the perfect way to close out the show.


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  1. Random thoughts: Michelle Fairley is awesome in this show! At first I didn’t know how to feel about British Harvey, but now that I’ve watched the episode more than once, he’s grown on me. Also, next week’s episode looks like it’s going to be CRAZY!! Totally Game of Suits material.

  2. I figure if British Harvey helps to put Harvey in his place, then I’m a fan. Otherwise, I have no use for him. We’ll see what happens.

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