Suits Season 3, Episode 2 “I Want You To Want Me” Review

by Shana Lieberman (@evilapprentice)

Rating: 0 for Harvey Specter, 8.2 for everything else

I loved tonight’s episode because it made me so angry.  Does that even make sense?  Read on, and maybe it will.  Or not.  “Ok, if I get in, will you stop saying words?”

Before I was able to watch “I Want You To Want Me,” my “bro” Donnie tweeted the following:


Yup, that about sums it up.

I had no idea at the time that this was going to be about Harvey stealing Mike from Louis and figured that it must have something to do with yet another backstabbing in the middle of a case.  I was wrong.  I hate being wrong.  I especially hated being wrong in this situation.  For a guy that wouldn’t even speak to Mike for the majority of the past two episodes because he valued loyalty so much, he sure didn’t care that he and Mike hurt Louis.  Again.  Have I mentioned that this is a recurring thing that I’m absolutely sick of???

The Louis/Mike dynamic was so much fun while it lasted, too. They had steak together.  They won an un-winnable case together.  They had a horribly uncomfortable mud bath scene together.  They even shared film references, just like in the good ol’ Harvey/Mike days.  There was some serious bromance bonding here, and I was starting to wonder if Mike/Louis was going to be my new BROtp on this show.  Ok, that’s enough bros.  Back to the matter at hand.  Louis was so, so happy when he got to scream “show me the money!!!” in chorus with Mike…and then stupid Harvey had to come and ruin it all.  ARGH.

“You’re not going back on your word.  You’re going back where you belong.”  Ok, Harvey.  Keep telling yourself that.  Does Mike belong with you?  I’ve always thought so, but lately?  I’m not so sure.  It’s ok when someone has no sense of loyalty or integrity as long as it doesn’t affect on you?  Is that how it works?

Harvey Specter, you are the worst ever.

I’m glad to see the Harvey/Mike situation resolved.  I really am.  But I hate how they did it, in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious already.  I don’t necessarily hate it from a storytelling standpoint, seeing as how it got a strong reaction out of me and everyone else that I saw responding to the show, but I just feel terrible for Louis.  The poor guy has already been hurt enough.  He’s always been sort of the outcast, he’s always been Harvey’s whipping boy, he has always been the better lawyer than Harvey but has never gotten credit for it, he had his associates taken from him at the end of last week’s episode, and now this.  It’s all too much.  Major, MAJOR props should be given to Rick Hoffman for pretty much every moment in this episode.  He nailed the comedy (as usual), and he broke my heart, both in Litt’s goodbye speech to the associates and in tonight’s final scene.  I can’t say enough about how much of a star he was in this episode.  If Hoffman keeps this up, Louis Litt will be the only character that I ever care to write about.

This could be a problem, seeing as how there are so many wonderful characters on this stupid show.  By “stupid,” I mean awesome.  Obviously.

I really wanted this week’s review to be my ode to Gina Torres, seeing as how I didn’t get to say much about her last week.  My first note of the night was about how much natural on-screen presence she had, even when she was simply sitting down as Louis entered Jessica’s office.  I had so many other positive notes about her, too:  about Jessica’s calm assertiveness in her dealings with Cameron, how flawless Gina was in each and every one of her arguments with Gabriel Macht’s (stupid jerk) Harvey, how much she carries every scene she’s in…but then the whole Louis/Mike/Harvey dynamic had to go and ruin my ability to really focus on writing in detail about any of that.

I also won’t get to say how much I enjoyed seeing Donna and Rachel argue over the Harvey/Mike situation, or how much I giggled like an immature kid about the whole “size” scene.

I just can’t stop thinking about how awful Harvey is.  I guess Gabriel Macht must be doing something right.

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  1. I thought this episode was terrible. The character of Harvey has lost any integrity and was so dishonest and disrespectful to Louis.

    Mike has absolutely no gumption. Morally, he’s completely useless. He’s all happy to be on Team Litt and shouts “Show me the money” with Louis. Harvey strolls in says “Hey let’s get back together”. Mike says “Oh well I gave Louise my word” Harvey says “You’re not going back on your word you’re going back to where you belong” and then Mike caves and goes back to Harvey.

    Harvey declares earlier in the episode that
    1. Louis has permission to take Mike under his tutelage
    2. He explicitly tell Mike “We are through, we are done forever”

    He then breaks both of these in the later parts of the episode.

    Harvey has treated Louis with absolutely no respect. Louis did the right thing and sought out Harvey’s permission to take Mike and Harvey explicitly gave it. Then Harvey goes back on his word and in a complete dick move to his fellow senior partner gets back together with Mike.

    Mike heard Harvey say “We are through” to him so he knows that Harvey is going back on that statement when he wants them to work together again.

    Harvey is a one-dimensional and entirely unlikely character. He treats Louis terribly, Mike terribly and him and Jessica don’t trust each other. He’s all about being macho and winning but he has these tantrums and gets annoyed at Mike like he’s an insecure girlfriend.

    Mike and Rachael are a relationship that is all sizzle and no steak. All they seem to do is have sex and I don’t see any real emotional intimacy between them.

    Next episode I imagine we’ll see some overdone ‘revenge’ from Louis just so that the viewer is so repulsed by his actions that they side with Harvey and Mike.

    This shows going downhill.

  2. I stopped watching the show after this episode. I don’t like to see constant humiliation. I don’t watch TV shows to be sorry for a character. Everybody betrays everyone all the time it’s not fun anymore and we have no character to identify with or to love. It’s just a nest of vipers.

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