Suits Season 3, Episode 10 “Stay” Review

Rating: 7.9

I feel like “Stay” was right what I always expect from Suits:  a sleek and sexy look, fabulous acting — particularly from the trio of Macht, Rafferty, and Torres, a lawsuit with some interesting twists, an unexpectedly important “B” story courtesy of Louis Litt, and strong guest actors.  The problem is that this was the summer finale, and I want something shiny from a finale, mid-season or not.  I want more.  I don’t want the same level of awesome sauce that I usually get.  I want MORE.  Am I greedy with my television desires?  Yes, I most certainly am, especially with a show that never disappoints.  I’m not even saying “Stay” disappointed me, just that I felt like there was an option to do more that someone, somewhere didn’t decide to take.  (Then again, it’s also possible that I’m demanding more than even the best of the best could offer because I’m still so appalled by what an atrocity Dads was.)  What this episode did perfectly for a finale was typing up loose ends and then dropping a bomb that left us wondering how we were going to survive several months until the next episode.


So, Louis knows now.  And he’s obviously not happy about being left in the dark.  I spent the entire episode having no idea why we were revisiting the (admittedly entertaining) Louis Litt/Sheila Sazs relationship out of the blue, but then I had to eat my disinterested feelings there at the end.  We all knew Louis had to find out eventually; gleefully snooping and revealing Harvey’s bad law school hair was a fun way to do it.  And how else were we going to get him snooping through Harvard’s records, when there Mike had a falsified record in cyberspace?  Why, access to hard copies of student files, of course!  Very clever indeed.

The highlight of “Stay” was getting to see both Harvey and Mike experience some pure emotional moments.  Harvey’s confession that he wanted Scottie in his life and his heartfelt apology to Ava Hessington were both set up beautifully by the scene in Harvey’s apartment where Mike asked him how he manages not to let anything affect him.  Harvey was very defensive for a reason:  our seemingly uncaring bastard actually cares quite a lot.  And OMG.  When big “bro” Harvey put his hand on little “bro” Mike’s back after Mike’s breakdown and quietly said he was sorry, I was thanking the tv gods for such an excellent, quiet moment.  Again, it was set up beautifully by that conversation in Harvey’s apartment; we saw Mike assuming that the image that Harvey puts out there was the real Harvey, when the guy cares.  A lot.  (Huh.  Did I just say that?)  And while we’re at it?  That breakdown was the best work Patrick J. Adams has done all season.  I’ve said Mike’s early-season apologies to Harvey didn’t come across as genuine and perhaps there needed to be more in his argument with Rachel last week.  In “Stay,” however, there was absolutely nothing lacking.  I felt every bit of Mike’s emotion right along with him, as I should have on a show that never fails to deliver.


I didn’t like the central conflict between Mike and Rachel at ALL though.  Mike proved himself to be an emotionally immature jerk when he essentially laid down an ultimatum for Rachel to either go to Columbia or lose him.  I thought they had already handled this problem when Mike said a few episodes ago that he’d support her no matter what, but I guess I thought wrong.  Sure, Mike went on a nice journey throughout the episode and changed his mind when he saw the error of his ways, but ugh.  I hate these kinds of relationship conflicts.  I REALLY do, and yet they appear to be the go-to television trend.  Don’t know where to come up with relationship conflict?  Give one of the characters a decision between a great opportunity elsewhere and the relationship! ARGH.

The strong version of Rachel was back in “Stay.”  At least I can say that.  Any time you’re in a scene with Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, and you hold your own, you’re doing incredibly well in life.  Not only did Rachel Zane hold her own with Jessica Pearson and earn herself tons of respect both from yours truly and from Jessica, but Meghan Markle actually went toe-to-toe with Gina freakin’ Torres and survived.  That’s no small task.  Being in a scene with someone who owns every scene she’s in like Gina does can puts others at risk of looking untalented and/or irrelevant.  Markle, however, did not have either of those problems whatsoever.

Maybe, as it turns out, this was a shinier mid-season finale than I originally thought.  Maybe.

Other Thoughts:

  • Girl talk with Jessica and Donna was fabulous.  Jessica totally baited Donna, who is normally about ten steps ahead of everyone else.  The way that both of these ladies switched gears so quickly from conspiratorial office gossip to serious drama was a thing of beauty.  I’d like to see them work together more in the future.
  • Why is it that Harvey can want Scottie to work at the firm and be in his life, when he can’t seem to both work and be with Donna?  I don’t know whether it’s character inconsistency or what, but it’s unsettling.
  • Praise the tv gods for Sarah Rafferty.  I know I already said that the Donna/Jessica scene was wonderful, which obviously implies that Sarah did her job again this week, but she gets props for running that prison scene with British Not-Harvey as well.
  • I would have been 100% ok with seeing Jessica punch Travis Tanner in the face.  Alas, it never happened.
  • Gina Torres wore tan leather at one point.  BROWNCOAT.
  • “Look, Mike, you want to know how to be a lawyer?  I’m your man.  You want to know how to deal with love, that’s not my area.”  Oh, Harvey. Sadface.

I want a subscription to Harvey Specter Monthly.

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  1. Your comment I only found your reviews in the past few weeks and generally agree with most of your comments. I am going to miss Suits and January is a long time to wait. However, thankfully so many new shows are being released in the coming weeks, so I will at least have new options to consider, even if not all will become the compelling viewing that is Suits (week in and week out). I have warmed so much to Louis this season that I would be bold enough to say I actually love him. He is fallible and why we do not want to watch him fail, it is gripping viewing watching him in action. Particularly his performance against polished Harvey at the end of the last episode \’Bad Faith\’.I would like to see Louis doing more digging at the start of the rest of series 3 and build up a dossier to have the upper hand against, Jessica and Harvey. It will be interesting to see him on the front foot for a change. How will he deal with it? Who will he confide in? Will he keep his guard up? Will he expect to be named managing partner? Pearson, Specter and Litt. How does that sound?

    • I’m glad you found me, and of course, I’m even happier that you agree with a lot of what I have to say. :)

      I like the idea of Pearson, Specter & Litt very much!!! The thing is, though, that the preview for the second half of the season didn’t exactly make it look like it was going to be an easy road to get there. As far as new shows go, I am so for 0 for 2 with liking pilots that I’ve watched, so I really hope something gives soon. At least Castle comes back on Monday; I’ll be live tweeting and reviewing that one with glee.

      • Unfortunately I did not have any preview for the rest of Season 3, so looks like I’m going to have to find another version of the episode to watch that. It was always well edited. I remember Season 1 to Season 2 being on a such a great cliffhanger.

        I’m a big fan of Glee! I am also going to be watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, The Michael J Fox Show, Super Fun Night along with oldie The Big Bang Theory!

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