Revolution – Season 1, Episode 19 “Children of Men” Review

Rating: 3.8

Last week I wrote my mini-opus on why ‘Revolution’, despite fixing what was its most pressing issue (Charlie), has failed in 2013 and throughout season one as a whole, so I’m going to keep this short because my feelings on the series haven’t changed at all following tonight’s episode.

“Children of Men” was exactly the kind of hour that we’ve come to expect from ‘Revolution’: everyone’s in danger but not really, lots of broad conversations about morality, plenty of gunfights and blood from unnamed extras, all while the central plot lurches along towards a finish line that ceased being relevant months ago. There is no mystery to the series, no genuine drama, no intrigue, no interesting ideas. Nothing below the shallow surface level consisting of passable action sequences and bland monologues.

But you know what’s missing most from ‘Revolution’? Joy.

I’m not sure if there’s ever been a show with less joy than ‘Revolution’ in 2013. Even ‘The Walking Dead’ – a comparison I keep going back too because its also a flawed post-apocalyptic drama – provides regular victories for its characters, and sprinkles in moments of levity despite overwhelmingly dire circumstances. Not ‘Revolution’. Every episode is so mechanical, so clearly driven by a story that was written long before characters were taken into account. Each hour leaves me with an overwhelming feeling that what I watched doesn’t matter. In fact, I’m not sure any network series feels LESS consequential than ‘Revolution’, which is a damning position for a show literally about the end of the world to be in.

So here we get both Rachel and Monroe surviving the perilous cliffhanger from the previous episode, because of course. Then our two groups meeting at The Tower and battling it out blah blah whatever, if you watched the show you know what happened. The action is the same every week anyway, just set somewhere different.

I’m way past the point where the plot inconsistencies of ‘Revolution’ bother me in the slightest. There are so, SO many more issues with this series than continuity that to nitpick it would be to give it an undeserved compliment.

One more episode left, and I have to be honest: I can’t wait for ‘Revolution’ to be over.

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