New Girl Season 3 Premiere Review

Rating 8.3

NEW GIRL IS FINALLY BACK. Last night’s “All In” was a solid premiere for the third season of one of television’s best comedies; although, I’m not sure if it had the same charisma that the second season had quite yet. In spite of that, I’m confident that this will change in the coming weeks.

So in “All In,” we start off right where we left off in the season two finale, “Elaine’s Big Day”… with Nick and Jess driving away from CeCe’s failed marriage. Meanwhile, Schmidt ends the season running away from CeCe and Elizabeth. Now that he knows for sure that CeCe is still in love him (since she called off her wedding because of him), Schmidt is forced to decide whether to be with her or Elizabeth (his first love and current girlfriend). In “All In,” Schmidt is still indecisive and ends up secretly dating both girls (this will end well…), Nick and Jess head back to the loft, realize that they need alone time and drive to Mexico together, and Winston has an obsession with puzzles.

In my opinion, the Schmidt and CeCe/Elizabeth plotline was the weakest. The juggling both girls idea was very predictable and we didn’t even get to see many conflicts with it except for CeCe awkwardly conversing with Winston and him reluctantly, and creepily, covering for Schmidt (sewing panties into underwear? REALLY, Winston?).

I really enjoyed the Winston plotline for some reason. I mean, it was simple and I’m hoping the writers have better plans for his character as a whole this season, but Lamorne Morris is hilarious and provided me with so many laughs.

And, of course, Nick and Jess were fantastic. They’re my favorite couple on television right now and I like that the writers aren’t just going to leave them alone. It was obvious from the beginning of the series that they would get together at some point, but the journey for them has not been easy… and we know their journey to stay a couple will be just as difficult and hilarious. I loved their dialogue together in this episode, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the plot around them. I think Nick “getting put in Mexican jail” was a little far-fetched and did Jess really cross the border, pick up Schmidt and Winston, and go back just to realize Nick was never in any real danger? Also, how was Winston never noticed he was colorblind?? Oh well. I DID love when they all got together at the end and returned to the loft together. Their dynamic has come such a long way in two seasons and an episode. These are no longer four roommates, these are four friends that love each other and have become one quirky family.

Overall, “All In” was a pretty good episode of New Girl. It’s on the weaker side to me, but even a weak episode of this show is a solid half-hour of television. I’m excited for the rest of this season, especially for the eventual return of Coach from the pilot.  Damon Wayans Jr. <3

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