New Girl – Season 2, Episode 25 “Elaine’s Big Day” Review

Tonight was the season finale of New Girl and CeCe’s wedding day has finally arrived! Unfortunately for Shivrang, Schmidt is convinced that CeCe wants to back out of her wedding after an “eye to eye” conversation they have, so Schmidt plans to sabotage the wedding with Winston. This provides for some great laughs when the two manage to scare away the horse Shivrang is riding in on and start playing “Cotton-Eyed Joe” in the middle of the ceremony.  Unfortunately, Winston and Schmidt frame Nick (who has, until now, not taken part in their schemes) and he and Jess get into a fight after she refuses to believe he had no part in the sabotage. Every singly time Nick and Jess are close to starting a relationship, something like this happens. I understand the necessity of the tension in order to keep their relationship interesting but c’mon guys, give me a break. My heart can’t handle this.

Later on when the pranks go way too far, Nick and Winston end up trapped in the air vents with a badger. Typical, right? Schmidt ends up admitting to Jess that this is the first time Nick has taken part in the prank, so she rushes into the vents to apologize but Nick refuses to accept it. I started cracking up when he told Jess, “This is where I belong, with Winston and a badger.” Nick, Jess and the badger fall through the vents and into the middle of the ceremony and Winston is left alone in the vents. Poor Winston, first he is neglected on his birthday and now he is stuck by himself in the air vents. I feel like Winston has been cast aside in recent episodes and I hope this changes next season because he adds so much to their group’s dynamic and he is so hilarious.

Turns out Schmidt is right, and CeCe doesn’t end up going through with the wedding. “I’m so surprised by this twist!” said no one ever. We all knew CeCe wouldn’t get married to Shivrang; however, the next part is actually surprising. After CeCe admits she wants to be with someone else, Shivrang does too and he ends up running off with Taylor Swift, erm Elaine, to get married. What? I was confused too but thank god Schmidt and CeCe still have a chance. When CeCe asks Schmidt to decide whether she wants to be with her or Elizabeth, Schmidt runs away. This makes no sense to me… is this actually a hard decision for him? Has Schmidt developed real feelings for Elizabeth? Wasn’t he just with her in order to make CeCe jealous? Maybe he just feels bad about hurting Elizabeth again? I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to find out.

At the same time, Nick and Jess end up calling off their relationship, but after Nick and Winston’s heart to heart, Nick and Jess end up “uncalling” it and drive off together. Thank god, my heart couldn’t take much more of this agony, let alone a summer mourning their break up.

I really hope it works out for Nick and Jess, but I also don’t want their relationship to get boring quickly. Hopefully the writers keep up their great work next season. Overall, “Elaine’s Big Day” was a pretty good finale for the show. Honestly, I was expecting more (what, I’m not sure) but it was still a solid episode.

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  1. What? I think you have missed Elizabeth’s arc completely, she has been there to remind Schmidt of who he was, the kinder, less douchier version of himself. Coincidentally, it was this flaw that ultimately pushed Cece away from him and look for someone more mature to settle down.I don’t know how long this love triangle will last, but it is an interesting set.

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