New Girl – Season 2 Episode 24 “Winston’s Birthday” Review

Rating: 8.3

This week’s episode of New Girl started off the morning after the events that happened at the close of the last episode, which involved Nick and Jess sleeping together for the first time. At the start of the episode, Nick wakes up smiling ear to ear and makes breakfast for Jess. However, while walking back to bring the food to Jess, he is interrupted by a poorly timed visit from Jess’ father. I love that the writers made this choice. As adorable as it was to see Nick and Jess finally get together (and Nick doing his best to make a romantic breakfast), it would have felt too easy if Nick and Jess immediately began an obstacle-free relationship. Therefore, I feel like it was a great decision by the show’s writers to add this bit of tension.

Jess unfortunately can’t spend time with her dad because she gets called away to sub for a teacher, so Nick and Jess’ father are left alone together. This provides for some great laughs. Nick really seems to bond with Jess’ father by talking about the girl he’s into; however, he has to constantly tip toe around the fact that it is Jess and refers to her as “Yolanda.” After a while of talking, Jess’ father says that any girl would be lucky to be with Nick, but when Nick comes clean and tells him Yolanda is actually Jess, he runs after him and yells, “I’ll kill yah!”  Rob Reiner delivers a superb performance in this episode reprising his role as Nick’s father. He managed to deliver heartfelt, deep dialogue one minute (when he says how Nick is like him, and neither of them are good enough for Jess) and cracks me up the next (“Jess why are you picking him? He’s a lazy, drunken cable thief. What’s wrong with Wilson?”).

Speaking of Wilson (what Jess’ dad refers to Winston as), interestingly enough, Winston doesn’t have a huge role in the episode. It’s misleading because the episode is called “Winston’s Birthday.” The recurring joke throughout the episode is that everyone has forgotten or ignored Winston’s birthday, but he holds on to hope that they are just trying to surprise him. Poor Winston. At least he gets cake… even if he did buy it for himself.

Meanwhile, while Nick and Bob (Jess’ father) are hanging out, Jess is juggling between subbing, trying to be a good bridesmaid to CeCe and worrying about the events of the previous night (and whether or not Nick will tell her father about them). The scenes with Jess subbing for the kids are not all that entertaining; however, the scenes with Jess frantically juggling all of the aforementioned activities are hilarious. I especially loved when CeCe smeared the henna from her hand on her face during her nap and Jess had to talk down a panic stricken CeCe.

The Elizabeth and Schmidt relationship continues, but the two run into problems after it is revealed that Schmidt is embarrassed to be around her. Elizabeth ends up going on a date with someone else and Schmidt crashes it wearing a sweatshirt she bought him. They wildly dance together like they did years ago when they first dated and everything seems to be fine. D’aww, I’m glad Schmidt seems to be maturing, but I’m still pulling for him and CeCe (though this seems impossible with her wedding a day away).

The episode closes with a sickeningly sweet scene of Nick and Jess on the roof. Nick wants to make the relationship work, even without the approval of Jess’ father. The two are having a beautiful moment together when Elizabeth and Schmidt arrive on the roof for their own date. Wilson, I mean Winston, follows both of the couples to the roof and, assuming all of them planned a surprise party for him, rejoices and embraces them all. This was a delightful ending to a great episode of the show. Happy Birthday, Winston!

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