King & Maxwell Season 1, Episode 8 “Job Security” Review

Tonight’s episode of King & Maxwell, “Job Security,” was a filler episode. It was a typical run through of a case. King and Maxwell are hired to find a phone that was stolen from a man who had pictures of his late wife on it. He wants it back, but turns out that it leads into a deeper lawsuit that involves buy outs, pay offs, and more illegal business. A lawyer was injured, Michelle beat up some thugs, Edgar hung out with Bennie, and everything ended up as it should.

Instead of digging into a run of the mill episode, let’s look at three points: what happened, where we are now, and where we’re going. We’re reaching the end of summer. Our new series and returning summer shows will be reaching their finales in the matter of weeks. Unlike the fall shows, these finales need to be more memorable. They have more shocking endings so fans will remember them.

Looking back over the past few episodes, King & Maxwell hasn’t gotten too far. If you were to jump in now, you wouldn’t be missing much. There are few things that you would need to know in order to catch up, and since this format is all over television right now, you would pick it up quickly.

What happened:

Michelle Maxwell’s past is yet to be revealed. We know there was a kidnapping with her charge as the victim back when she was in the secret service. Now, she’s a private investigator who is partners with Sean King. We’re not too sure on how they met, but they have wonderful chemistry. She has three brothers, all of which have had jobs with the force. She doesn’t talk to her father, but used to be best friends with him when she was a child.

Sean King and his reasons for leaving the secret service are discussed more and they become a bigger focal point. Sean’s charge was assassinated during his watch, and while he was making a public appearance. This has stayed with him and it was the reason why he left the service. We’ve learned that it wasn’t a random shooting, but there was a conspiracy behind it. This one story will carry us into the finale and over into the next seasons. Sean now owns a boathouse and he and Michelle are private investigators.

Helping these two out are Benny and Edgar. Benny, having been one herself, knows things about criminals. Sean helped her lower her sentence, and to repay him, helps with the illegal information that these two might need in order to solve a case. Edgar, a high functioning autistic man, helps with the technical side. He is like a walking computer and helps further along the case without Michelle and Sean having to talk their way to an answer.

The chemistry between King and Maxwell is strong. It’s the one show on air that would probably benefit most from having its characters get together. Other shows are hesitant to have the “will-they-won’t-they” vibe disappear, but King and Maxwell are so compatible, that it would only get better with their relationship.

Where we are now:

We don’t know much about Michelle’s past with the secret service. Tonight we learned that she had a hard time letting it go when she was fired. At the end of “Job Security,” she was offered a chance to get back into the service. This offer will probably float through the next few episodes and drag us into the finale. She might not tell Sean, creating some tension there, but she can’t quit being a private investigator because then the show would end and disappoint many viewers.

Sean’s case has bothered him and with the help of Edgar, he has learned that there is more to the story than he thought. Going behind Michelle’s back, he is now investigating (in the very last minutes of each episode) who killed his charge and why it was a set up. He is getting information from people in dark alleys, meaning that it is either a cover up or a very secretive case. There’s something deeper that we don’t know and it will all most likely burst in the finale.

Where we are going:

Everything is leading to the finale. We’re on a one-way street to the inevitable plot explosion at the end of the season. Edgar is helping Sean discover this new case of his and it is only in the matter of time that Edgar will get wrapped up with this too. To progress the dynamic between Sean, Michelle, and Edgar, there might be an episode where he is in danger, or he is missing, where everyone, including the friendship with Benny slowly becoming more embedded, it will be a dramatic episode.

Michelle and Sean need to have a moment that leads them to a richer part of their relationship. It needs to happen this season so the show can stay interesting. If the finale ends, and audience members scream that they can’t wait until next season, then the series did its job. A romantic moment between these two will almost guarantee that. We’ve had the playful moments (we still need to learn most of the national monuments where Michelle has had sex – she’s only told Sean two of them), we’ve had the serious moments (Michelle getting angry that Sean was hiding things from her), and we’ve had plot development. Now all we need is something to further this relationship and as long as it is not too clichéd, it will work.  There isn’t a hint of force between these two as there is on other shows. Having these two get together might fill the slightly noticeable missing piece from this series formula. They would have everything and open the story up to new plot possibilities. Their partnership didn’t have to develop overtime. We were dropped in the middle of it. This means that the show has already cut out what would be its beginning seasons. Audiences are going to want more and quicker than they would if these two were just meeting each other. And after slightly rising flirtatious moments, viewers are not going to forget this little factor that they are missing.

What will be most interesting to see is how this series ends and if it gets a pick up. The show is increasing popularity each week (and mostly drained fan girls who are missing their regular fall series), and might have a season 2. If so, then we need something to carry us, which will be the two main secrets right now (Michelle’s job offer and Sean’s investigation). But will these two cliffhangers be enough to stabilize a returning audience? Something more needs to happen to assure that this series returns.

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