King & Maxwell Episode 9 “Locked In” Review

King & Maxwell’s “Locked In” began with the essence of a bottle episode (minimum sets, etc.) but turned out to be part action episode as well. However, with a suspected beginning plot that normally brings a fun and flirty episode, “Locked In” delivered in a typical penultimate episode style. But, instead of it being the end of the series, it was the second to last episode of season one.

Normally, with a plot that requires two people to be locked in a room for the episode, usually there is intense character development, which this show needed. Instead, King & Maxwell took us on a building lock down that only lasted a few scenes and lead us to the closing of a case. Nothing really developed and it was a rather boring episode.

However, next week’s episode is the finale. Everything that we have been watching build up is exploding (literally), in the August 12th episode. Michelle has to decide if she wants to peruse a continuing career in the Secret Service.  Sean found out and he told her that she has to make the choice based on what will make her happy. Like a good partner, he wants her to do what she likes. However, we know that he will miss her terribly if he has to continue without her. Also, the show is called King & Maxwell, meaning that they have to continue the series with both King and Maxwell. Chances are, Michelle is going to find that the Secret Service has changed and she will prefer to work with Sean. She will use a witty comment with an underlying tone of commitment to her partner to tell Sean that she is staying with him.

Meanwhile, Sean has a case of his own to deal with. The Ritter assassination is still floating around rapidly in his mind. Ever since he found out that it was a planned assassination, he has been digging around here and there to find out information. However, as predicted, his case will round up in the final episode.

Also, there is this new friendship between Benny and Edgar that has developed over the latter half of this first season. There are some hints that this could change into a romantic relationship, but it’s still unclear if the writers, producers, etc. want to go down that route. Instead, in “Locked In,” Benny took a shower at the boathouse, made Edgar grilled cheese, and got some advice about lying to people that she lives with. All this happened and there friendship is getting deeper and deeper. It will be interesting to see where this leads, romance or not, it will be nice to watch (until the writers use your innocent viewer-emotions against you, like always).

The preview consisted of explosions, deceit, and drama, which, at this point, is just every finale of a cop drama on television. We’re going to land on a cliffhanger as always. And if Sean is going rogue to solve his own case, there will be some worry from Michelle and plenty of angst and drama between them.

As I had said before, this show would benefit most from getting their main characters together. Frankly, these two dancing around and using snarky comments to get the job done is entertaining, but it is getting old. By the end of the first season, viewers are still enjoying King & Maxwell, but the series time is running short. They need to pull something extravagant out to be impressive, but also have some type of close moment between their two leads.

All will go down next Monday, on TNT, at 10 pm.

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