King & Maxwell Episode 6 “Stealing Secrets” Review

Rating: 7.8

King & Maxwell’s sixth episode, “Stealing Secrets” focused on a journalist hidden under a pen name revealing herself and her anonymous source all while managing to almost kill the son of Sean’s charge who was assassinated. In short, things happened and it is leading us to a bigger story that might just coincidentally explode in the season finale.

However, while all of this is going on, there is a side character that has been helping out King and Maxwell since the pilot and is becoming someone who can stand on his own: Edgar. Edgar is a high functioning autistic man who, in the pilot, was accused of a crime. He is extremely smart, and this hurt him in his case, but King and Maxwell got him out, with his help, and now he is working with them. He began with sorting their paperwork, but is now helping them solve their cases while doing Sean King’s tax returns on the side.

Before they had Edgar, Sean and Michelle relied on their wit and chemistry to break through most of their tough situations. This built their chemistry. It made them who they are currently. But, since they are the closest they need to be to begin the series, Edgar is now helping them technically. He helps them hack into government websites, track down people on the Internet, etc. But, Edgar will not do anything that’s against the law. This is where Michelle and Sean dust off their old undercover skills.

King and Maxwell can be put in any situation and find a way out of it through their wit and charm. It’s what makes them a great duo. They can know what the other is thinking without discussing. It’s also what makes them lax. They are constantly going into high stakes situations half prepared or unaware of what they have, for example, Sean not having his gun. In this episode, Sean put Edgar in charge of the surveillance inside the van while he and Michelle were in the building. They needed to find a man inside a building, and Edgar was going to help them do so.

Edgar is part of the team, and this is exactly what they needed to deepen the personalities of these characters. Even though Edgar is a high functioning autistic, he still needs help sorting out the emotional side of being in this trio. Tonight, after Edgar takes his responsibilities for the technical aspect of finding this man, he loses it and thinks he hurt Sean. Edgar connects this event to that of the assassination of Clyde Ritter, Sean’s charge when he was in the secret service. At the end of the episode, Edgar is hurt. He walks out by himself to the dock of the boathouse. This is where Sean and Michelle differentiate with their partnership. While they both are good with the physical and mental aspect of their job, Michelle is better with Edgar by talking him through things. She can see when he needs her to explain something or to confirm something. Sean is okay, but this is Michelle’s area. Michelle explains that Edgar did back up Sean in their case. He helped and that is why they won the case and not the bad guys. If this relationship is being highlighted, then it is something that will come up again and again.

In addition, there is a current theme with these past few episodes where we are learning more and more about Sean’s previous job as a secret service agent and how his charge was killed. It has bothered him, but he has tried to put it in the past as we learned when Michelle asks him if he is still trying to keep his past in the past. She doesn’t want him going down this hole again if it is only going to hurt him. However, at the end of the episode, Sean gets together with Bob Scott, the agent who looked away when the gunshots were fired as if he knew they were going to happen. Scott says that he almost thought he heard them coming from the back of the room. If this was true, Sean thinks that this could be a conspiracy instead of a lone gunman.

Also, the relationship between Edgar, Sean and Michelle will probably have a big impact on the finale as well. We’re reaching the end of this season sooner or later and the connection between these three characters is growing every day. Something big will happen when the season comes to a close.

If viewers can not see this entire game coming together at the end of the season, then the show isn’t doing its job. This plot is going to explode in one “epic finale” as TNT will probably describe it. It will leave a cliffhanger and leave things hopefully on an entertaining ledge. If this show does it right, this cliffhanger needs to be huge and this finale needs to be breath taking for viewers to remember it over its extended break.

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