Grimm – Season 2, Episode 21 “The Waking Dead” Recap

Rating: 6.1


The set-up for the season finale was kind of “eh”. It was an exciting hour of television with lots of important character-building events, but I’m still sort of baffled by the sheer amount of information that I need to process from “The Waking Dead”. Or any episode of Grimm that tries to get too mythos heavy, for that matter.

I don’t really have a lot to say about “The Waking Dead” because it was sort of all over the place, so instead I will offer a summary alongside some quick quips and observations.

To summarize:

  • Adiland intends on selling her baby out for more Hexenbiest powers. I’m sure that this will go well.
  • There are two women vying for Adiland’s baby, one is a “Gypsy” and the other is a young actress in terrible aging makeup (Frau Pech, I believe she was called… her German was atrocious).
  • Nick and Hank investigated zombies that have been raised from the dead by Baron Samedi* (I don’t care what the book Hank was reading said, Baron La Croix* is a nice death Lao [spirit] and Baron Samedi is a bad death Lao… get your mythology right, Grimm!).
  • Baron Samedi (named Baron La Croix in the show, which is wrong*) works for Renard’s brother, whose name I’ve yet to memorize. I do know that he is played by James Frain, however.
  • Renard’s brother tried to to get his freak on with Adiland, who was being a tricksy spy.
  • Juliette has officially seen three Wesen Volges in Rosalee (Fuchsbau), Bud (Eisbieber), and Monroe (Blutbad).
    • Bud’s appearance in this episode made the whole 45 minutes significantly more entertaining.
    • It’s become clear that the three intended protagonists—Nick, Juliette, and Renard—all have some of the worst chemistry of any team on television. So Rosalee, Monroe, and Hank have taken the reigns as the actual storytellers with a little bit of help from Wu and Bud. This has rapidly become an ensemble show because the leads just aren’t cutting it; in fact they are making it worse.
    • We have successfully landed in the exact same season finale as season one—with Juliette relearning about Grimms, Wesens, and Volges. Because Grimm likes to tell the same story as often as possible.
      • Grimm has proven itself a pro at reusing themes and plots from previous episodes—which is why the zombies have red around their eyes… just like the disease that turns Wesen into sex-crazed jerks.
      • Wu didn’t make any memorable jokes. Sad face.
      • Hank and Nick liberally ate cheeseburgers and fries above of Nick’s ancient, helpful books.
        • Nick hasn’t learned to be an awesome vegan from Monroe yet.

Overall it was a bit of a confusing night on Grimm. Still, it was mighty entertaining.



* – In the show he is named Baron La Croix. Please forgive me, I’m a mythology nerd. I don’t mind it when shows take liberties with existing mythology—no, I actually rather like it because there’s nothing better than a fresh take on something old. But there’s nothing I hate more than making a good character into a bad character. My understanding of Baron La Croix is that he is a playful, good spirit (“Loa”), and his counterpart Baron Samedi is a rotten, mean spirit.

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