An Argument Against the Grimm Trope – Season 2, Episode 20 “Kiss of the Muse”, Review

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Rating: 3.4

I REALLY want to be in the writers’ room for Grimm brainstorming sessions. I’m curious to ask them a couple of solid questions. Namely one.

Like, who had their heart broken so bad that they felt like they were under someone else’s spell? Because I understand how much that really sucks, that infatuation is a tricky, life-altering experience… but they need to stop bringing it to the Grimmverse for every single protagonist.

There are only so many times any of the many loveable characters can be faced with sexual and romantic obsession without it becoming a Grimm trope… Rosalee had the weird sex-crazed Wesen disease, Juliette had amnesia and an obsession with Renard (who similarly had a love spell problem with Juliette), Hank had an obsession with Adalind, and now Nick has heard the siren’s song…

…and it made him act kind of rape-y. Of course, he didn’t sexually assault Khloe, but his forceful nature was uncomfortable, if not damn near horrific.

Which brings us to a secondary problem with all of these magical infatuations: the afflicted are the most horrifically portrayed version of obsession I’ve yet seen on television (I’ve definitely seen worse in film). Sure, Grimm is light and cheery, but it’s also deliciously dark and unafraid of dealing with some mortifying topics. Including obsession to the point of violence.

Anyway, to quote a tweet by my colleague Kyle Trembley (@KyleLovesTV), the problem in the writer’s room for Grimm is that the following conversation appears to be had at every single meeting:

“How do we make this plot work?”


“What about next week’s?”


“But we’ve already…”


It’s obnoxious in all the wrong ways. Grimm has a lot of storytelling problems: a superhero with no superpowers, plot points that get never get fleshed out and then dropped almost completely (map key, coins, etc.), and finally the incorrect notion that amnesia and infatuation can be repeatedly thrown in viewers’ faces like bad coconut pie every single week.

Khloe the Musai was an interesting concept. I would have liked her in any season that’s not season 2. Unfortunately, it was a repetitive, nonsensicle, and damn near absurd theme to place in the exact same season that has left Grimmsters begging for Juliette’s death… because we are exhausted with the love spells and excuses to make the characters act outside of themselves (which, incidentally, David Giuntoli is incapable of).


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