Game of Thrones – Season 3, Episode 7 “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” Review

Rating: 9.3


“The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, just like each of its episodic predecessors, was better than that which came before. Game of Thrones has officially figured itself out by continually not missing a single beat of entertainment possibilities over the course of this entire season.

So let’s break down the fight for the iron throne in We Love TV More’s weekly power rankings! These rankings are based solely on my enjoyment and understanding of the events that took place in “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, not any given character’s viability for the iron throne.

1. Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister

The perfectly cast dynamic duo, once again floored me with their storyline’s sheer entertainment value and on screen chemistry. Every week I can’t seem to choose between Jaime/Brienne and Daenerys, but the fight between the bear and the maiden fair was by far the most exhilarating scene of Game of Thrones to date, not because it was necessarily “cool” or overly violent, rather it was action that was perfectly necessary and in no way gratuitous—which is the kind of action I can appreciate!


2. Daenerys, she with many titles.

Those dragons have really grown over the course of this season. Also, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Daenerys for the millionth time because she is on a crusade to free slaves and gain a reputation of justice. This is a queen I can get behind.


3. Tyrion & Shae, Margaery & Sansa

I know that these were two separate scenes but the content was the same. For all intents and purposes I believe that this is the best possible deal that either Tyrion and Sansa could hope for; sure, Tyrion has to deal with the jealous Shae and marry a woman far too young for him; similarly, Sansa has to marry a man she has zero attraction to. But for all it’s worth, he will certainly be kind to her and they will each be wed to prominent households. Aside from the interpersonal ickiness, this is a winning situation all around.


4. Tywin and Joffrey Lannister

I have been waiting for Joffrey and Tywin to have a scene together all season. The scene was everything I could have dreamed of and more because despite the child-king’s body being sat squarely on the throne, the true ruler of King’s Landing made his presence known with body language and facetious answers to His Grace’s questioning.


5. Gendry and Melissandre

Well, I’m glad that we’ve finally said that Gendry is a Baratheon out loud, but this wasn’t some kind of big reveal. I’m also glad to hear more about Melissandre’s character other than that she’s a sex-crazed priestess. Seriously, I hate female characters whose sole purposes are to get naked, have sexposition, and desperately try to get a baby in them. I really, really need more from female characters or else I get angry. So Melissandre was once a slave until the Lord of Light called to her. Cool, I can get behind that.


6. Arya Stark

Oof, now Arya’s been trapped by the Hound. I liked her whole speech about Death being her One True God and I am curious about the darkness stirring inside of this young child.


7. Jon Snow and Ygritte

After the previous six power rankings I start to get bored. I’m seriously ready for the Wildlings to have more to say to Jon other than comments about his sexuality. As of now they truly are a one-dimensional bunch, although I’m warming to Ygritte ever so slowly.


8. Bran Stark

Blah, blah, there’s this kid who’s feeding him information. This whole storyline is so poorly constructed that it’s impossible to side with anyone; the information is all over the place and the characters barely say enough for me to be invested in them whatsoever. I still care more about them than Robb, though.


9. Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr

I still give absolutely zero fraks about Robb becoming King. He is the least interesting Stark to my mind, and I really don’t care about the woman he’s making babies with. Although I’ll admit that I care more about Talisa now that she’s pregnant, but that’s just because I don’t want anything bad to happen to a woman who is with child. Talisa is at least a little bit less one-dimensional than the other ladies of Westeros, but their relationship has never felt genuine or necessary to me other than to cause a rift between houses.


10. Theon Greyjoy

I feel like there has to be a segment of the Game of Thrones audience that enjoys seeing Theon being tortured after what he did to the Stark’s. I’m not one of them. Torture is never something I need to see, especially when there’s no point other than live out some kind of revenge. This has been going on for far too many episodes and has been taking up time that could be used for real story telling. We already know that this is a revenge plot with no ulterior motive that can lead to nothing other than Theon’s death. So we should just see him die, because this is gratuitous violence being used as a cheap trick of entertainment.


I hope that you enjoyed my power rankings, and as always I would love to hear your own! Please, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Until next week!



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