Dexter Season 8, Episode 7 “Dress Code” Review

Rating: 6.7

Last night’s episode of Dexter was significantly more action-packed than last week’s episode… but it was not great by any means. After watching the premiere of Breaking Bad (a phenomenal show that gets better and better each week) right beforehand, Dexter couldn’t really hold my attention. Dexter was once a phenomenal show too, but since Season 5, it has been in decline. The beginning of this final season of Dexter restored hope in me that they would finish out solid, but after wrapping up all of the intriguing plot lines in the first few episodes (the Deb/Dexter tension and the Brain Surgeon killer), all we are left with is uninteresting stories and sleep-inducing subplots. I don’t care about Masuka’s daughter in law, and to be honest, it was really disturbing that he saw her at a topless bar in this last episode. Why did she fail to mention, “Hey dad, I work at a topless bar so please don’t visit me because that would be gross!”

I also don’t care about Jamie and Quinn’s relationship and the fact that they might be moving in together. Spoiler alert, they won’t. They’ll probably break up very soon. I don’t care about the sergeant promotion. Miller can have it, Quinn can have it. None of these stories have me on edge.

Doctor Vogel was such a great addition to the cast and I really loved her character, but she added nothing to last night’s episode. Why does she have faith in Zach? Why does she think he can learn the code? He obviously cannot because he has already killed an innocent and he went and killed Dexter’s neighbor just because she was there and he was pissed at Dexter for not being home.

Hannah is back and that’s cool for a lot of people I guess? I was never a huge fan of her character and I think her killing her husband so soon was anti-climatic. I haven’t cared about any of Dexter’s relationships since Rita. Especially his one date with Cassie. Was I supposed to be upset when she died?

The only character I care about at this point is Deb. I hope she takes out Hannah. The scene where she sees Dexter and Hannah coming from the boat together was the only interesting one in this entire episode.

Ugh, hopefully next week Dexter is significantly better or I might not be able to stay awake during the episode. The writing felt so disorganized and generic in “Dress Code” that it didn’t feel like an episode of Dexter at all.

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