Dexter Season 8, Episode 6 “A Little Reflection” Review

Rating: 6.8

Last night’s episode of Dexter was… well, lacking. I gave last week’s episode a free pass just because of how shocking it was that the writers resolved all of the seemed-to-be-season-long-storylines but “A Little Reflection” was just plain boring. I actually liked that the writers were starting on a clean slate going into this episode, but the events that transpired in the last 55 minutes of Dexter were disappointing and entirely lack luster. Suspense, mystery and action are what make Dexter the engaging and entertaining show it usually is and we saw none of those elements present in “A Little Reflection.”

To recap, here are some of things that happened in “A Little Reflection.”

  • Masuka’s background check on his daughter comes back and he finds out that she is in a lot of debt. Masuka is hurt, obviously, because it seems like now his daughter only sought him out for money. Therefore when he brings it up, Nikki is hurt and storms off.

Wait… so you’re saying this background check backfired on Masuka?! What a surprise! Seriously Dexter writers, how much more cliché can we get?

  • Quinn gets passed over for the sergeant position by Batista, which sucks because Batista is the one who told Quinn to go for the job in the first place. I feel bad for Quinn but, to be honest, who really cares? I’m tired of these mundane subplots, ugh.
  • Speaking of mundane subplots, Dexter goes on a date with Cassie; it goes horribly, so she ends up with some other guy. Again, why do I care??
  • Deb’s boss is into her… because we didn’t already know that, right? I don’t care about Deb’s love life to be honest, unless it involves her and Quinn
  • Harrison lies to his father about hiding a remote… yeah, that is seriously a plotline. Someone actually made sure there was screen time for that. But at least the actor who plays Harrison is cute.
  • Dexter has a new “intern.” I like the idea of this (it’s like if Dexter had been able to help Jeremy, the weird crocodile kid, from season 1), but I feel like this plotline will also have a predictable ending where either Zach kills Dexter or vice versa. Also, I don’t love Zach’s character. He doesn’t give me the creeps or make me anxious the way Dexter’s other pals he’s met along the way have.
  • Speaking of pals, Hannah is back. That was the only redeeming moment of this boring episode, and unfortunately, it happened in the last minute. She poisons Deb and Dexter, which floored me, but the freakin’ “Next time on Dexter” ruined that moment for me because we see Deb and Dexter completely okay and functional in the next episode.

Well, they can’t all be brilliant. Better luck next week, Dexter.

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