Dexter Season 8, Episode 5 “This Little Piggy” Review

Rating 8.5

All right, all right. My prediction that Dr. Vogel was the Brain Surgeon turned out to be wrong, but I’m so glad it was and I’ll explain why in a bit. In last night’s episode of Dexter, we learn that one of Vogel’s former patients, who had been abused by his mother as a child was, in fact, the Brain Surgeon that Miami Metro and Dexter have been hunting. Much to my surprise, in the same episode that we discover the identity of the Brain Surgeon, Dexter (with the help of Deb) takes him out. I really thought the writers would drag out this “Brain Surgeon” plotline, but now that they didn’t, I am REALLY glad they decided not to. It just leaves me wondering…where will the show go next? Especially since the Deb/Dexter tension is a thing of the past. Just days after Deb almost killed both herself and Dexter in a car crash, they’re on good terms and Deb seems to have come to terms with LaGuerta’s murder. The show has already wrapped up a bunch of the plotlines that began this season, so the next episode will be starting on a clean slate. I am confident that this will be a good thing. Well, I’m hoping.

Other things worth mentioning:

-Even though Doctor Vogel wasn’t the Brain Surgeon, I’m still not sure if I trust her. I mean, she was keeping notes on Dexter and his relationship with Deb and we can’t just forget how creepy it was when she was scolding (and hitting) Yates while pretending to be his mom.

-Speaking of Vogel’s notes, how did Yates get them? I really want to know.

-Last note on Vogel: Charlotte Rampling is an amazing actress.

-I know Dexter and Deb’s family therapy session was supposed to be serious, but it felt more like banter.

-Quinn needs to leave Jamie and end up with Deb already before she ends up with her boss.

-I don’t want Dexter and Cassie to date… it just seems unnecessary.

-Is Captain Matthews insisting that Quinn stop investigating the Hamiltons (suspects in the recent murder of young woman) because of politics, or is there something more to it?

-It still weirds me out that Masuka once hit on his daughter before he knew they were related.

-I really hope Masuka’s daughter is not a gold-digger.

-The Hamilton’s son is definitely supposed to be a young Dexter.


And my final thought… thank god Yates didn’t cut off Vogel’s toes or I would have been cringing and squeamish during that entire scene.

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  1. Your comment I\’m not entirely sure that Yates was the brain surgeon killer. Other than the fact that he had brain surgery, do we really have any evidence that he\’s the guy? It\’s not his normal MO. I\’m betting that story isn\’t over.

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