Dexter Season 8, Episode 3 “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” Review

Rating: 8.5

The latest episode of Dexter raises the question, “What’s Eating Dexter Morgan?” Well, thankfully it’s not a cannibal who works at the mall selling fitness gear. No, what’s bothering Dexter is the same thing that’s been plaguing him for the past few months- Deb’s reckless behavior that he feels (and is definitely at least partly) responsible for. And not, most importantly, not the cannibal.

I’m just going to take a second here to say that I appreciate what I can only assume is the “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” reference. I recently watched that movie and it was absolutely delightful. Leo gave an inspiring performance, especially for someone so young at the time.

Okay, back to the episode. It opens with Deb almost getting booked for a DUI, until Quinn saves the day and gets her out of it. Aww. If they don’t end up together, I will be pretty bummed out. Jamie is nice, but Quinn and Deb obviously have a better connection.

Meanwhile, Dexter and Vogel race to discover the identity of the “Brain Surgeon” killer before it’s too late. In my opinion, as I’ve mentioned, Dexter will never find the “Brain Surgeon” killer WITH Vogel because it IS Vogel. Hashtag plot twist (although, if I predicted it at the beginning of the season, I guess it really wouldn’t be considered a plot twist…?).

This was my favorite episode of the three that have aired so far this season. The Vogel/Dexter relationship, the Deb/Dexter relationship and the promise of a Vogel/Deb relationship are what really made the episode fantastic. I love how Vogel seems trustworthy and maternal half the time and the rest of the time she seems off her rocker and creepy as hell. Regardless of whether she is good or bad, she provides intelligent insights into Dexter’s past and present and I enoy her much more than other characters that have been introduced in recent seasons. She’s probably the best new character since the Trinity Killer/Arthur Mitchell in Season 4. It’ll be interesting seeing whether or not Vogel can help Deb, though the promos make it seem like that’s a definite no.

In regards to the Deb, Jennifer Carpenter’s acting was top notch in this episode. When she goes to the station to confess to LaGuerta’s murder I had goosebumps throughout the entire scene. This is the most raw and vulnerable we’ve seen her character on camera and Jennifer tackled it flawlessly. I cannot wait to see what happens next episode, and the rest of the season for that matter. The writers have a lot of great stuff going on right now and I hope they keep it up.

The last thing I want to mention is that the scene where Harrison is in the bathroom eating icepops (and they framed it so it looks like he was in a pool of blood) was not cool. Not cool at all. I was reminded of the fact that Rita existed and was murdered and it just made me sad all over again.

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