Dexter Season 8, Episode 2 “Every Silver Lining” Review

Rating: 8.1

On the latest episode of Dexter entitled “Every Silver Lining,” we learn the significance of Doctor Vogel and how the hell she knows about Dexter’s true identity. It turns out that she was an old colleague of Harry’s who he went to for advice on Dexter. Can I just point out, that I called this? High five, me.

Anyway, we also learn that it was Vogel that helped Harry confirm that Dexter was a psychopath and future serial killer. Upon coming to this conclusion, Vogel helped develop the infamous code that Dexter strives to live by (which is, basically, only kill those that deserve to die). Meanwhile, Vogel enlists Dexter’s help in finding Miami’s newest serial killer, the “Brain Surgeon” (who Vogel believes is a former patient that is targeting her), Deb’s life continues to spiral out of control, El Sapo returns, and Batista discovers that Quinn is dating his sister Jamie. Drama much?

I was wondering why the writers bothered to have the Jamie/Quinn relationship plotline exist, but after watching the episode, it seems like even though Quinn likes Jamie, his heart still belongs to Deb. So there is my answer. They’ll probably get together at some point and this pleases me because Quinn was Deb’s best boyfriend by far. To be fair, that isn’t saying much because Deb’s last exes include, but are not limited to, the Ice Truck Killer and a drug addict/thief she was supposed to nab. She sure can pick ‘em.

Speaking of Deb… damn. Her life sucks and I feel so bad. Sure it was bad when she killed LaGuerta and started doing bazillion different types of drugs, but now she’s killed someone else (El Sapo)? And she has an alcohol problem? And she subtlety threatened to kill Dexter? Well, this should pan out interestingly. On a related note, someone should give Jennifer Carpenter an Emmy already.

I’m really happy that Doctor Vogel is a character on the show now. She is creepy, smart, and a remarkably dynamic character. She can go from being stern to motherly to frightening at the drop of a hat and she has this sadistic worldview that is so fascinating to learn about. Her scenes with Dexter are captivating and I’m praying my prediction comes true and she is the “Brain Surgeon Killer” in the end. She’d make a great opponent for Dexter and it’d be so interesting to watch them have a go at it since she, after all, “created him.”

The remaining episodes have a lot of potential and I can’t wait to see where the writers take us on this final season’s journey.

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