Dexter – Season 7, Episode 9 “Helter Skelter” Review

Rating:    1.8

WARNING: The following review is essentially a glorified temper-tantrum.

Dexter has gone completely down the shitter. I’m sorry; I have neither something kind nor judicious to say about “Helter Skelter”. I could not have possiblyfathomed a worse direction for this series to go. Not only was episode 9 sloppy, uncomfortable, and terribly predictable, it also had the most doltishly written death of any other episode of this series to date.

Isaak’s death was not set up well. In fact, I would say that it comes second in line for surprising deaths on Dexter. Isaak was literally the thread that this series was hanging from, and yet he was brutally shot, his death drawn out for 10 uncomfortable minutes. Finally, a compelling, fascinating, at times jarring foe was set up in the Dexter universe, only to be suddenly made ridiculously weak and open to attack. I am in utter and complete shock. I just cannot believe that the writers could have possibly been this outlandishly stupid.

Hannah is not working. She was not the character this season ought to have made as Dexter’s companion. She’s not interesting. She’s annoying. She is wasting everyone’s time. You know who was interesting? ISAAK! And now he’s dead. He’s completely and utterly dead; Isaak’s death was for petty reasons, no less. The single most redeeming quality of this season was completely wasted, and the most obnoxious, vile quality of this season teased me by being on the brink of death and then surviving. The only considerably good outcome that came with Hannah’s survival was the fact that Deb, being the good person (and best character on this senseless show) that she is, could not be responsible for another person’s death.

Here’s a break down of why Dexter has already circled the drain and fallen into television hell: Quinn has signed his death certificate. LaGuerta has made a deal with the very obnoxious devil. Hannah’s still alive. Masuka isn’t making me laugh because he’s getting essentially zero airtime. Angel is clearly getting out of Dodge. The introduction of the fire killer is obvious and not interesting. Dexter is being a complete ignoramus. The kids are gone. Isaak’s dead.

I absolutely, unabashedly hate what has happened to this show. This used to be my favorite television series. It was complex, thorough, and character driven. Now it’s been made clear that the time investment is not worth it, because the only price I’ll pay is the lack of once-good characters.

Isaak’s line: “There’s hope for you yet” is wrong. There is no hope for Dexter.

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