Dexter – Season 7, Episode 7 “Chemistry” Review

Rating:    4.3

Dexter is really starting to lay the contrived storytelling on a little thick, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong; this show has never been a purveyor of deep, genuine introspection. Dexter has always been a superficial character in a deep, dark and complex world that makes the protagonist look better to the rest of us. I’ve been lamenting Dex’s bad decisions all season, but this whole Hannah McKay thing takes the cake.

I really can’t get over how easily Dexter is flying into her Venus Fly Trap. She’s a gorgeous trickster, but she’s just that: she uses her sex appeal and her tears to manipulate the world around her. What Hannah did was wrong whether or not her first kill with Wayne Randall was an act of desperation. Like Dexter, she clearly was molded into an entirely new person after being a part of a traumatic, life-altering event (almost certainly more than one, based on her relationship to the case titled the Wayne Randall Murders). That being said, I don’t buy anything that she says, and I really want Dexter to stop thinking he’s found some new woman all the freaking time. (I’ll admit: Rita was my favorite character in the whole series, so I might just want her memory to remain unscathed by a new love interest.)

I think that Hannah McKay is a phenomenal liar and that she would say anything to get her victims to sympathize with her. Would Hannah really want a family after all that she’s gone through, or is she playing on Dexter’s status as father? She’s unraveling, and she’s getting sloppy. Poisoning the writer who was accusing her of poisoning her former boss and late husband is actually the worst thing that’s ever happened on television. It’s not believable in the slightest (because Dexter is always sooooo believable).

To top off the ridiculous out-of-character shenanigans, Dexter pulled a homicide out of nowhere to justify the murder of the previously mentioned, pesky writer and Deb made the ridiculous request that Dexter kill Hannah. There was absolutely no reason for Dexter to think that Sal Price might have murdered the woman whose murder-biography he wrote other than the writers needing a convenient reason for Dexter to justify Mr. Price’s death. I think that it’s a little bit too convenient for every complication in Dexter’s life to end with murder this season. Even Louis, the annoying programming genius, would not have deserved Dexter’s slab. Yes, Louis was conveniently killed off by Isaak, but Dexter should have had been incredulous in his desire to do the deed himself.

Okay, so Deb’s request wasn’t ridiculous, but it was 100% out of character. Deb stays hard and fast to the law. She may be relieved when someone like the Minotaur goes down, but her idea of justice is not for someone to end up on Dexter’s slab per her own request, especially seeing as she herself has been there before.

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