Dexter – Season 7, Episode 5 “Swim Deep” Review

Rating:    7.8 

Despite the horrible story arc regarding the Minotaur from previous episodes, Dexter returned strong this week. Isaac proved himself to be a terrible foe—a true force to be reckoned with, Deb did what she does best (incredible profanity in times of horror), Quinn was reestablished as a dirty cop, and Batista reminded all of us of why he’s the most likeable person in Miami.

I love Deb, but she had completely lost her sense of character in the last two episodes. She is strong-willed, profane, and dedicated to the legal system. More importantly, she is dedicated to Dexter. Tonight, she finally made those opposing forces unite by laying the law down for her older brother while still protecting him. Most importantly, she lost her mind in that elevator for a brief moment, and it was glorious.

Isaac Sirkov is genuinely terrifying as of right this moment. A mob boss is usually uninteresting in my personal taste in the filmed media; this is a tired and true theme which the film medium has failed to get past despite mob-era society having mostly fallen out of the mainstream. I simply no longer believe in them as real characters. Isaac, however, I believe as a relentless hit man, a wounded former lover to Victor, and a man of power within a drug cartel. He is paralyzing, and the collateral damage of his grief might be more than the fans of Dexter can bear.

I’m thoroughly enjoying the use of Hannah as Dexter’s new enigmatic obsession. Thus far, Dex has only been attracted to and had sexual relations with victims of sex crimes, which has honestly made me feel a bit queasy. I loved Rita, do not misunderstand me (she was my favorite character and I will never forgive them for killing her off), but I always felt that Dexter being with her (and subsequently Julia Stiles’ character) was sick and twisted. Hannah is a villain, not a victim. We all know that Hannah is up to something, but it’s not quite clear yet. All I know is that I’m excited for her imminent death, because she’s the new villain-Dexter-must-learn-from, and they always die without exception.

While I’m utterly disappointed in Quinn, I feel that the dirty-cop background in addition with his now (suddenly) public relationship with Nadja will fulfill my prediction. Quinn will be dead by the end of this season. Well, Quinn or LeGuerta (who appears to have a death wish), it’s not quite clear yet.

What I was most satisfied with tonight was simply how true everyone was to his or her character. It has been a very long time since I have felt positively towards the writers in this regard. Quinn has not seemed quite as slimy as previously established; Batista appeared to have no character whatsoever; LaGuerta was just annoying rather than a cut throat, case-oriented boss; Masuka failed to be gross and creepy; Deb suddenly had forgotten how important true justice is; and even Dexter was a little bit too flimsy. I’m happy to report that everyone is back on his or her respective journeys now, and I feel quite at peace with tonight’s turn of events.

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