Dexter – Season 7, Episode 4 “Run” Review

Rating: 5.1

Well, Dexter seems to be following a pretty straightforward path this season. What could have been an interesting turn of events has simply become a giant downward spiral of predictability and annoying plot twists. While “Run” was by far the worst episode of the season it was still incredibly inspiring. The mob boss continued to be a real enigma: was Viktor his lover or his son? How can someone have enough charismatic power to cause a man to shoot himself in less than three minutes? How come he was being sneaky to stalk Dexter and hasn’t just put a hit on him? I’m intrigued while very, very befuddled.

Speltzer was finally killed off so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. This villain may have only lasted two episodes, but all the while he was overwhelmingly obnoxious and lacked any real depth or realistic characteristics. The writers clearly tried to make us care about the Minotaur’s death, but it was too obvious that they just loved writing in yet another convenient plot twist into Dexter’s day-to-day life. We get it: someone as evil as Speltzer had to die for Deb to see the light and fall in line with Dexter (which I’ll reiterate is really annoying). But Speltzer was the antithesis of a compelling character simply because he lacked any real complexity: a serial killer who has a problem with bar women because his mother was one is the definition of that stereotype; while evil and wrong, this character doesn’t seem like the type to have even been on Deb’s radar had Dexter not presented her with his file. I was incredibly unimpressed with the fate of Speltzer, although I’ll admit I absolutely adore Dexter when he screams and mocks a villain just to prove a point.

I kind of felt queasy with Deb’s Rita-based dream, followed by a conversation in which Deb strongly insinuated that Dexter could not have possibly loved Rita, which was suddenly followed up with the accusation that Dexter could not possibly be a good father because of his “lifestyle choices”. That was a load of malarkey, which was meant to make the audience once again overly-sympathize with dear old Dex. I love Dexter, and he is probably my second favorite character on television, but he is not in any way, shape, or form a good person. I have a really big problem with my fellow viewers not acknowledging this fact. While I totally agree with Dexter’s choice of victims, condoning murder is just complete bull.

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