Dexter – Season 7, Episode 3 “Buck the System” Review

Rating: 8.9

Holy heart racing episode, Batman! Wow. Just wow. I cannot imagine a better hour of TV. This episode had it all: suspense, comedy, and murder. Okay, so every episode ofDexter has these things, but the quality of tonight’s episode trumped almost any other hour of Dexter, save the season four finale. The biggest unnecessary complication in Dexter’s life was neatly disposed of, the episode’s serial killer was framed after my favorite myth in Greek mythology, and the season’s big bad was fully established as a force to be reckoned with.

I don’t care for the revelation that Louis was a plot device all along, but I’m happy that the computer geek extraordinaire has finally swam with the fishies. I feel fully betrayed by the whole Louis-is-annoying-for-no-reason plot existing for the sole purpose that he reveal Dexter’s identity to the mob, but oh well, at least he’s finally gone. I only wish Dex had gotten to him first.

Speltzer, AKA The Minotaur is a massively impressive fiend. As a huge geek for Greek mythology, I more than appreciated the bald serial killer’s antics. The Greek mythology was a little bit overt on this one, though: Speltzer had a labyrinth, wore a bull head, had a previous victim named Mina (Minos was the “father” of the Minotaur and lived on the Minoan Isles), and the mausoleum belonged to a family named Laurel, the sacred plant of the god Apollo. Yep, the geek in me had a field day.

Deb is starting to come over to the dark side and beginning to appreciate the ways of good old Dex and I am thoroughly disappointed. I expected this twist, and it was written about as well as her reversal could have gone, but I am still incredibly disappointed in Deb as a character. I really don’t feel like she was left with a choice, but the power of her discovery in the season premier is rapidly becoming extinguished by her willingness to fall in line. One of the characteristics I have always admired most about Deb is her bull-headed need to succeed in the police force without pulling a Quinn, LaGuerta, or Dokes. Deb follows the rules and only compromises within the confines of the outskirts of the law. Part of me would like for her to side with Dex while the other desperately hopes that she will remain steadfast in her mission to rehabilitate him. In any event, the siblings will now see remotely eye-to-eye because of the crazy Speltzer, the only question is how much?

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