Dexter – Season 7, Episode 2 “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl” Review

Rating: 7.6 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Sunshine and Frosty Swirl, but episode 2 was incredibly disappointing (when following the amazing season premier). The episode started strong: Deb continued on her path of the downward spiral while coming face-to-face with a serial killer by losing her dinner all over Dexter’s lawn, and she came up with a surprisingly ingenious idea. Sure, a rehabilitation program for a serial killer sounds pretty ridiculous, and obviously she’s not going to be able to pull off watching him 24/7 (what with Harrison – who was conveniently displaced for the first two nights of this rehabilitation process—and Dexter’s whole ability to, you know, put people to sleep), but clearly she’s already made a small dent. I love Deb, I really appreciate how much she loves her brother.

Moving on, beyond the Deb-centric aspects of tonight’s episode, the whole thing became increasingly more obnoxious scene-by-scene. Quinn, the manorexic Miami detective, seems to have a really big problem with sleeping with witnesses. I genuinely believed he was about to be beaten or killed when he drove the stripper Nadja home because his car doors were unlocked . I would have liked that better than Nadja simply needing to find an excuse to put the moves on good ol’ Joe. He needs to stop getting involved with witnesses.

LaGuerta officially started pulling a Doakes in tonight’s episode. I’m worried that the season finale will be a brother-sister killing when they both realize that LaGuerta is going to take them both down for being the Bay Harbor Butcher. I like that someone is putting the pieces together, but I would have much rather prepared myself to lose Quinn over LaGuerta. Believe it or not, I actually like her. No, I don’t like the complications she presents, but there would be no conflict in the whole series if all of the characters that got in Dexter’s way were conveniently written off. Drama requires complications, people! (Unless, of course, we’re talking about Louis.)

I liked the serial killer sage for this episode. The same actor who portrayed Emma’s father in True Blood played this creepy killer. I don’t always like the messages of Dexter’s sages, but this one probably made a lasting impact on America’s favorite serial killer by jumping in front of a semi, covering the soon-to-be-rehabilitated Dex with blood all over his face.

The introduction of some kind of brotherhood is a little bit obnoxious because ther’s already a lot going on with this series. I do like the new boss-man, and if the previews have any impact to make, it’s that Dex is about to go up against a whole mess of bad guys. I love it.

Finally, I’ll admit that Deb’s plan got a little bit obnoxious when Dexter chose not to kill Louis. I would really like that complication to be written off, because it’s not exactly important for the part of Dexter’s life I care about. I would really, really like Louis to be gone now… especially if he’s really just mad at Dexter over a video game.


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