Dexter – Season 7, Episode 1 “Are You…?” Review

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Rating: 9.0 

I’ve been pretty angry with Dexter since the death of my beloved Rita. Seriously, Rita was my favorite character on the show, and the series’ best villain went ahead and did her in during the season 4 finale. Unhappiness, thy name was Blaire. A Rita-less season five was pretty terrible and extraneously graphic on a level I was overwhelmingly uncomfortable with; following, season six was the faux religious epiphany that was too obviously written and egregiously overdone, so much that I became sick of the show all together. Had the season six cliffhanger not been as jaw-dropping and curious, I probably would not have gotten on board with season seven. But Deb’s revelation was just too good for me not to check in. Boy, am I glad that I turned on Showtime for the premiere.

The episode began within seconds of the season finale. All of the right emotions and conversational topics were stirred up into one hot Deborah-knows-martini. The tension between Dexter and Deb was about as well executed as Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall could have possibly played this awkward pair of diametrically opposed siblings. Perhaps the actors were channeling their recent divorce, who knows? Whatever the origin, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen these two have such excellent chemistry.

I saw on Twitter (follow us @WeLoveTVMore/or me @BlaireLovesTV) that a lot of people seem to despise Deb, or that fans genuinely want her to get off of Dexter’s case. Despite any fan’s hopes and dreams, the whole point of the series is to place the viewer in a moral grey-area. If Deb were simply to accept Dexter and leave him to his merry killing way, she would be the worst character written for television ever. Deb’s fantastic appeal as a character is that she is a genuinely good cop and she has been from the start. This episode really showcased Jennifer Carpenter’s ability to play the tenacious lieutenant to the T. Dexteris a series where good and bad characters are allowed to shine, and the most deplorable persona is actually the titular character himself. Rooting for Dex is natural due to his protagonist stance, but the idea of actually liking him is an idea that I find terrifying.

I am glad that Deb was able to work through her trauma enough to search Dex’s apartment (even though that is an atrocious breach of privacy) and find his kill bags. This season is very clearly shaping up to be Dexter’s biggest and most terrifying adventure: it will be Dexter’s journey to normalcy, lest he get lost and take a turn for complete evil along the way.

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