Castle – Season 5, Episode 24 “Watershed” Review

Rating: 6.3


So the fangirl in me is totally freaking out and just wants to gush about that cliffhanger. Like, seriously. My hand went over my heart as a big gasp escaped my lungs. I watched my Twitter feed explode over how happy we all were. “This moment is FINALLY HERE!”

But the critic in me needs to say that this was a very predictable episode, and for the most part that’s entirely the fault of last week’s previews.

There aren’t a lot of directions that “Watershed” could have gone. There were doors A and B, the former being Beckett’s departure with a long distance relationship that would inevitably lead to a break up and the latter being the maintenance of the status quo with a little bit of Beckett’s resentment for Castle sprinkled on top.

Then of course there was door C, a door that most of us could have readily predicted: Castle’s attempt at acquiring a third wife. I’m sorry that I have trouble thinking of it as anything more, but one of my Twitter followers (@Akido37) said it best when he described Richard Castle as having the emotions of a teenage boy with serious crush issues. When Castle falls for someone he falls hard; his love life is a torrid love affair with his own adolescent emotional impotence and self-involved women. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to rag on the characters any more than they deserve, but Castle is a little bit too liberal with his love, especially because the women he tends to fall for are conservative with theirs. So, given that we know Castle’s predilection for strong-willed egocentric women, it’s no surprise that he popped the question to his current muse.

Beckett is no saint. Her entire purpose in season 5 was to either play the role of sex kitten or the instigator of all of Caskett’s fights. It was terribly obnoxious, to say the least. But the worst thing that KBex has done all season was every action she took in “Watershed” when it came to the sanctity of her romantic relationship.

There’s literally nothing more obnoxious in television drama than when romantic partners are fighting because partner A won’t just use their words with partner B. Well, Beckett was the queen of poor communication in “Watershed”, if not the supreme overlord.

The previews may have been somewhat deceptive, but that does not lessen the impact of one of televisions most beloved couples being the worst at actually being a couple. I don’t mind the idea of my favorite detectives bickering, that’s a part of their characterization. But season 5 was a joke in that every single interaction that Caskett DID have outside of police work and sexy time was argumentative, immature, and based in unnecessary conflict.

Anger aside, the fangirl in me is on cloud nine. This was no “Always”, but “Watershed” will certainly be an episode to remember. I am stoked for season six!



  • Huzzah! Ryan is having a baby!
  • I may be a mortal enemy with the costume designer of season 5. This entire season had everyone dressed far too uniformly for my liking. Like, seriously… did everyone call one another to make sure they were all wearing the same shade of mauve?
  • I’m sad to see Alexis take a school-sponsored trip into the rain forest but I’m glad that her character is actively having a productive life in college. It pays to have a rich father.
  • Sargent Gates has become one of my favorite Castle characters. She and Lanie both got my seal of approval when they encouraged Beckett to take the job.
  • If Beckett doesn’t take the job I will be very, very upset. She is a strong female character with impressive career aspirations. It would make me sick to see a strong female character be lessened because of a man. We need more female, career-driven characters like her on television.

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